10 Lessons Learned This Weekend Camping With my Family

1) I appreciate my bed… or those with air mattresses.
2) Babies spit cereal into their Aunts eye more than they eat.
3) There really is Internet everywhere in Canada.
4) Google Android app although cool… needs some work.
5) Tim Horton are within a 15 min drive… everywhere in Canada.
6) Nieces repeatedly ask to be taken to the bathroom… just so you can walk by the park.
7) Nature is still awesome.
8) Rain can always find that hole in the tent.
9) Mud sucks when packing up your car.
10) Quality time with family in nature = Priceless.

10 Lessons Learned This Weekend Camping With my Family

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  1. Scott Reiboldt says


  2. Michael Marciano says

    Very Well Said !!!!

  3. Sean Cowen says

    Perfect list, and much of it sounds familiar.

  4. Martin Bellinger says

    ah such luxuries ! of the outdoor life

  5. joanne pilborough says

    All completely true and universal.

  6. Steve Gundy says

    Which android app was it.

  7. Amanda Blain says

    the Google Plus app 🙂

  8. Mtl Anglo says

    We think the Tim Horton's are reproducing too fast- soon there will be nothing but Tim's across Canada

  9. Jannifer Stoddard says

    Wow, what beautiful scenery!!

  10. Saadat Wahid says

    Really very interesting findings! Are not they, especially about the internet and Google Android Apps – being the Android fan, I really feel astonished………………. rather perplexed

  11. Ron Louch says

    Elora Gorge ?

  12. Brett Bjornsen says

    Sounds like you had a great time. I still think having ready access to Tim Hortons and the internet while camping is cheating 🙂
    … but, I guess that's the connected world we live in these days.

  13. Mohamed Mansour says

    Very sweet 🙂

  14. Neil Barnsley says

    Five straight weeks in a tent in winter is my record…………..I hear your pain

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