1. Daniel Koeker says

    Well now it certainly does.

  2. Mike Campos says

    Onoz!!!  He's coming for you!

  3. Rishikanta Pukhrambam says

    It does.  🙂
    When did I become a zombie!!!

  4. raul mariñez says

    The end is here… D:

  5. Yas Mean says

    zombies in muh font! 

  6. David A. Martinez says

    We are all doomed! Doomed I tell you!

  7. Anthony Fletcher says

    yes, and I like it

  8. Tom Melton says


  9. Carlos Arauz says

    mdr !

  10. Billy Goley says

    I'll never look at "i"s the same again. 

  11. Josh Kowalski says

    Two words- bath salts.

  12. Fabio Basile says

    Cross the t's and dot the…. Brains!!!!!!

  13. Grant Lanning says

    Hmmm.. . Very interesting! Is this why Apple puts a "i" in front of their products. It's turns them into zombies!

  14. Gareth Robins says

    oh god, I can't unsee that.  How am I going to write emails today

  15. michael mills says

    i see a total of four zombies in this picture…my world will forever be changed thanks +Amanda Blain 

  16. Thomas Mims says


  17. Sadu Seefoo says


  18. Alexia Silva says


  19. Daniel Budney says

    "Cannot be unseen"

  20. Ernesto Pizarro says

    oh Lord! now i can't not make it look like a zombie…i;ll never use that font again!

  21. Thomas King says

    Very nice. What font is that?

  22. Morgan ABBOU says

    Wow +Amanda Blain , Zombies are in the room! I wouldn't be surprised to see a zombie hangout tonight…

  23. Gord McLeod says

    Font of the Living Dead.

  24. Ernesto Pizarro says

    +Thomas King its console type, like Lucida Console font or the one found in notepad

  25. Jack Hurley says

    [¬º-°]¬ [¬º-°]¬ [¬º-°]¬     How come I just see 6 people ice skating with one leg in air holding hands in pairs.. I liked Walking Dead 🙁 am I not worthy.

  26. Mike Campos says

    +Amanda Blain  ?__ – dead zed.

  27. Troy Lauffer says

    Well, that's gonna be hard to unsee from now on!

  28. Mark Soon says

    Don't know what you're referring to Amanda, but +1 anyways!

  29. said nabeel says

    +Amanda Blain , this zombie woke me up….

  30. Trevor Sharp says

    Haha, clever +Amanda Blain!

  31. jarno sigit says

    wow….. Sya sangat suka sekali.

  32. J.S. Brooks says

    It's moving a little fast for zombies … but yes it does!

  33. kendra mccracken says

    it does

  34. Branden Hooper says

    When did I become a zombie? Haha That's punny

  35. kendra mccracken says

    lol hay u should friend me

  36. hocine salah says

    bonjour sa va

  37. Bruce Williams says

    They probably eat emoticons.

  38. Crystal Clawson says

    One of my favorites

  39. jarno sigit says

    your sepick indonesia

  40. Keith J Davies says

    sigh it does now.

  41. Patrick Hoppus says


  42. ruben sharma says

    lol but they might show up on Dec 21st ? humans with mask ? lol

  43. DJ Thistle says

    This absolutely looks like a Zombie! Haha. Great find. 🙂

  44. Joshua Burns says

    lol it took me a few seconds but yeah it does look like a zombie

  45. Keith J Davies says

    and I use Lucida Console as my nonproportional font, so I'll be seeing this for a while

  46. aris munandar says

    ngomog mslh fact is there zombie
    zombie of world?? p? pppppppp??

  47. Brian Serviss says

    can't spell "brains" without it

  48. Liam Cochran says


  49. Alexander Netwal says


  50. aris munandar says

    apa saja yang penting aktipitasnya tidak terganggu

  51. Gilberto Yanez says

    AH my i's are zombies. I should never have dotted them. LOL

  52. Dexter Wu says


  53. Gabby Person says

    Thts really cool! Luv it!!! ^_^

  54. Stephen Jennings says

    Lmao…fetch me my musket!!!

  55. ian perkins says

    haha yeah

  56. Gabriel Martínez says


  57. Lilac Clover says


  58. Ryan Binkley says


  59. Ahmad Elvis says


  60. Tom Melton says

    Billy… I wont either. It really made me laugh. Thank you very much Amanda. I really needed that…

  61. Lee Tee says

    60th COMMENT

  62. James Hussey says

    The apocalypse has begun. We're so dead.

  63. Krishnan Srinivasan says

    i es a zomby

  64. Alex Potter-Thomsen says

    Yeah dead. Sure. But yeah, it does. Sort of.

  65. Will Hussey says


  66. Matt Stern says


  67. Neal Beer says

    Looks like one of those Chinese "hopping vampires"!

  68. Jeremy Howard says

    It does. O_O Get the Shotgun!! 

  69. Will Hussey says


    does it look like i even
    care about this to anyone else?

  70. Buck Allen says

    yeah or a robot,  just keep walking zombie.

  71. Larry Olson says

    Words, they are full of zombies.

  72. Neal Beer says

    Zombies, zombies everywhere and not a brain to eat!

  73. Kim Hoang Chau says

    It looks like one two three four five and six faucets.

  74. Brains, fresh brains¡¡¡¡

  75. Jessica Lu says

    yeah!! lol

  76. william elston says

    haha yes

  77. syed nadeem ali says

    hii Amanda

  78. Kartik Negi says

    +Amanda Blain , please don't mind but i suggest that creating a separate zombie circle of all zombie enthusiasts and sharing all the zombie posts (given your frequency of zombie posts) with that circle would be a better thing to do. Zombie seems to be ur favorite subject from the fact that in any given month #zombies  posts would outnumber any other subject posts, so creating a circle is worth it! 

  79. VIMOD MV says

    ho ho ho

  80. onokerho raphael says

    U most be the best because everyone wants to talk to u

  81. Noreen Qayam says

    Save your brains! They're in the brains too!

  82. ella hathaway says

    that i does sort of look like a zombie 😀

  83. Paul Curran says

    the zombies are here after all.

  84. Raj Koli says

    amanda u looks sexy

  85. Jonathan Cayton says

    Nice!! I see it LOL

  86. Carol Mckenna says

    I want brains……

  87. Gwyn Bennett-Williams says


  88. Para Carol Mckenna, le sugiero ESTO: El Cerebro sí el cultivo Con Toda La idoneidad de la Vida, párr Ello debe leer Lo Suficiente, oir unos personajes en intelectas. COMO DIJO las Naciones Unidas y sabio, sólo sé Que no hay nada en sí. Pero de Ahí sí empiesa un CONOCER Todo Lo Que se pone por delante.

  89. Pearl Capps says

    Yes it does. Wonder if I should sign all my bad letters with this?

  90. Carol Mckenna says


  91. chris brown says


  92. jarno sigit says

    saya tidak mengeri apa itu zombes

  93. Ahmet Akgül says

    valla beautiful sunset. I am afraid they write in a good

  94. Carol Mckenna says

    +Maximiliano Ever Regalado Padilla ,I give up what did you just say to me, in English please

  95. Ahmet Akgül says

    Dione did not understand what you pilgrims

  96. Lee Pellymounter says


  97. chris brown says

    let us kn babe

  98. Ebrima sowe says

    love u……………

  99. Prasil Lakshmanan says

    haha lol, it DOES now !!

  100. jacob smith says

    <(' ' )> ^( ' ' )^ <( ' ' )> ^( ' ' )^ <( ' ')> kirby will defend us

  101. Ben High says

    Also looks like somebody running from a zombie.

  102. ruben sharma says

    looks like the half zambie and i can hardly wait to see them walking on earth or i am wrong, are we all z? i like that made me wanna dance.

  103. james jacobin says

    With one arm,
    The one-armed bandit!

  104. Christina Jones says


  105. mohd Anwar says


  106. ???? says


  107. George Smith says

    Not really but close 😉

  108. Meredith Basham says


  109. cow beer says


  110. Raghavendran Raman says

    😛 Yea, It really is. Interesting!

  111. DICKSON NALAMI says


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