1. Mike MV says

    Original, pero muy geek

  2. Tim Dillenberger says

    That is amazing!, Wish I could find out where it was posted on the net, so I could show my family it.

  3. Sam Holiskey says

    I know a girl who has one of those. They're way cuter on the internet

  4. Robert Main says


  5. rebecca duren says


  6. Holiman Chandra says


  7. Kim berly says

    how much?

  8. Patti Baker says

    Awesome! Amanda lol One n Only

  9. Eme Walker says

    What?! That is amazing. Even better would be if it folded out and could be plugged in to really work…

  10. nancy drew says


  11. Shaun McLane says

    Finally a person I understand

  12. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    – presses the < and 3 buttons –

  13. xela thompson says

    wow nice design 

  14. Jonny Singh says


  15. Elandro Gleydison says

    wow!!! it's amazing!

  16. jackie garcia says

    jaja fanatico o fanatica la que tiene esta cartera! 

  17. Chris Pirillo says


  18. Allison Sekuler says

    would go nicely with the keyboard top that +Guy Kawasaki posted a while back: http://goo.gl/XQWkO

  19. Diana Ridley says

    Omg would love to sport this during comic con.

  20. xela thompson says

    can i have one?…hehehe 

  21. Ely Hitc says


  22. Brian Townsend says

    And if you drop it, it will type out a better script than Twilight.

  23. Nona Pap says


  24. Ben Hansen says


  25. ???? ???????? says


  26. Tanya Naranjo says


  27. Lilly Houchens says


  28. Amy Liu says

    so cool!

  29. Uriah Smith says

    needs to have "CTRL ALT DEL" in order

  30. Vannara Ung says

    Key Board Computer. Wow

  31. siphosethu mandindi says


  32. Panah Rad says

    Very cool

  33. amanda huddleston says

    wow i now some of my friends who would use that

  34. Natalie Reyna says

    ha ha ha please dont make tht my b-day present

  35. Edward Marion says


  36. Phil Nolan says

    Not being one who carries purses I can only imagine that this looks uncomfortable to carry around.

  37. Dejan Ren?elj says

    This is 3 yrs old news 😛
    But it's cool indeed B-)

  38. Bobby Cruz says

    Any room for a mouse?

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  40. Elvira Rodriguez says

    so posh!?

  41. Emma Lund says

    Wow that's cool

  42. Bryce Jones says

    Perfect gift for the wife. lol

  43. Abby Looney says

    that tis awesome

  44. Jessica Wheeler says

    I just saw a vest like this on facebook. Funny!

  45. Natalie Dombrowski says

    Thats amazing

  46. danish sarwar says

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  47. Delano Darial says

    Id wear it and use it all the time.

  48. Mark Terry says

    cool idea

  49. Hector Jazz Cánepa Yufra says

    A fantastic keyboard also a very good design

  50. LUC JENNIFER says

    i would its pretty and i like keyboards

  51. Jessica Cordero says

    I would too.. Cute!

  52. Anthony Bonner says

    nice bag

  53. T Flan says

    I can dig it! I'll take one big enough for iPad. Ha ha!

  54. Ewura Esi Eghan says


  55. emery camarena says


  56. Pam Wolfe says

    Not a chance – LOL.

  57. Siouxsie Stewart says

    Agreed, that bag is a win!

    Do you have a link for purchase? 🙂

  58. hai ninh le says

    y tuong tuyet voi 

  59. danish sarwar says

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  60. Anne Alcin says

    lol so cool

  61. Grace Schug says

    omg!! thats so cool

  62. Aida Simi says

    is that a pures

  63. Pratuang Jiewphaibool says

    Oh! So creative

  64. Catherine Paredes says


  65. Prince stan Ifeanyi says


  66. Hannah Cave says

    I have one of those purses!

  67. Tiffany Dyer says

    That is such a cool idea!!!!! So fun! 🙂

  68. Andrea Cheroske says

    Soooo much better than that $290 paper bag purse I've been seeing!! 

  69. Andrea Cheroske says

    That wasn't sarcasm. 

  70. Mikayla Rooper says


  71. Abba Jobarteh says

    nice mien

  72. Ernesto Laracuente says

    Where is the space bar

  73. Aleena Zafar says

    That is soooo not geeky! 

  74. william riggins says

    nice very unique

  75. emma wise says

    cool i want one 

  76. Linda Bernstein says

    Yeah, I'd wear this +Amanda Blain 

  77. Courtney Pate says

    my brother would like that

  78. Mo Tiger says

    O.o I want itttt

  79. Angelina Phok says

    that looks so cool haha

  80. Nic Hensman says

    No.  It would constantly be annoying me that the keys weren't in the correct order. 😉  I'm rather attached to my Vader purse anyway. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0071MMT90

  81. O'Neill Gello says


  82. Lea Davila says

    That's really cool.

  83. Charles Xie says

    inside , a computer?

  84. Michael Ankner says


  85. Christina Estep says


  86. Mariah Pappan says

    I would rock it like nobody's bidness! 😀 

  87. Summer Gray says

    i would soooo wear this where can i get one! 🙂

  88. Melody Shugrue says

    I'd wear it!

  89. Amanda Blain says

    After much searching… 🙂 http://www.joaosabino.pt/ seems to have them… not sure about that webpage though…. 🙂 Only 130 Euros… 😐

  90. Amy Davis says


  91. Pat James says

    Sure I would,, it's kinda. Cute,

  92. faith haney says

    i would wear that any time (im not a geek)

  93. Wei-Ni Chong says

    Oohh I'd love that!

  94. Autumn Jonhs says

    Interesting design

  95. Karen Hernandez says

    wifi on the go

  96. Emma Lyons-Macatee says

    i want that purse so badly.

  97. SEANA L PURVIS says

    Is this real? Because #WANT 

  98. shania vu says

    Is that a real purse??

  99. Christine Slater says

    why would u want this!?

  100. Jill Friesen says


  101. Marley Manigault says

    Love the purse

  102. Jieranai Maier says

    Good grief, all my letters on my keyboard on the laptop are falling off, do I have to worry about my purse too LOL…

  103. Christeena Phillips says

    cute but I don't think I have a matching floppy disk necklace… 😉

  104. Aisha Matus says

    I'm not a Geek….But I like it….

  105. Christine Slater says

    that is just messed up

  106. Christina Estep says

    We're geeks! XD

  107. Christine Slater says

    i am, but thats just weird

  108. abby mayfield says

    OMG!! I love that it's so funny and I love geek stuff!!????

  109. cynthia medina says


  110. Ttutou M. says


  111. Amanda Irvine says

    I think that's really cool

  112. Brittanie Flowers says

    that is soooo cool i would use it

  113. sandra rios says

    omg!! that is so wierd way would u were that

  114. Arianna Ellis says

    i would have so many typos

  115. Indigo D'Avalon says

     I'm afraid people would try and type their name on it when i'm not looking or something.

  116. Zach Guithues says

    Oh God, that's a purse (from +Tiffany Guithues )

  117. Sup Yoh says

    wow i want one

  118. Claudia Gales says

    Perfect for me !! I want one-

  119. Dylann Newman says

    Ha at least you wouldnt have to buy a laptop you would already have one.lol or would you call that a purse top??

  120. Niken Oktaviany Mokendji says

    wawww amazing.

  121. ros nie says


  122. GRISHMA PATEL says


  123. gilia hager says

    That's so cute

  124. Shannon Thomas says

    i would not buy it. just to avoid people touching it

  125. Faith Charlie says


  126. Savannah Goshgarian says

    that is awesome!

  127. Bobby Shaftoe says

    It's only real geek if it actually works and has a screen.

  128. Faith K says

    cool, i would buy it

  129. rick maier says

    Lots of food crumbs under all the keys.

  130. Brooke Schott says

    i so would

  131. Melissa Muzquiz says


  132. Lozza Nink says

    Thats sick

  133. ???? says

    where is an Apple Key?

  134. Asma Najim says


  135. Elise Alamode says

    Totally would wear it

  136. Abu Mariam says

    great idea, would you ?

  137. Zaina Ahmed says


  138. Oscar Jara says

    I'm surprised you don't have one yet….

  139. Gabby Tibby says


  140. Jennifer Scully says

    wow…..not a geek but its cool looking

  141. Rachel Dong says

    Wow so cool!! Would wear it even if not a geek.

  142. Jessica Sanfilippo says


  143. Victoria Sandberg says

    very ….. interesting

  144. Beshoy Girgis says

    +Amanda Girgis birthday gift? 🙂

  145. Anna Fontanilla says

    If it can hold a lot of things, I can use it.

  146. joelison antonio says

    nao entendo sua lingua you fala em portuguese

  147. Tiff Li says

    i might, i would be weird though because i don't wear purses

  148. Katie Farrell says

    would you use it or buy it tho?

  149. Victoria Armstrong says

    yes i like it

  150. Andrew Macintyre says

    Soon ! All laptops will be like this ! Lol

  151. Doods De los Reyes says

    great idea. should have made it a standard QWERTY though.

  152. Mckenna Ralston says

    nice laptop were did you get it     lol

  153. Rose Smith says

    haha 🙂

  154. elise gray says


  155. Kelley Culp says

    That is frikin awesome

  156. Jessica Lala says

    I wouldn't wear this

  157. Sue Tosto says

    Nah, too boxy 🙂

  158. nackiya stewart says

    Cool just get a screen and I got Facebook

  159. Julie Bara says

    nahh! it'll look funny or something

  160. Paley Rene says


  161. Rara Gogo says

    Every girl geek needs one

  162. tatiana lopez says


  163. Madhu Kamarajugadda says

    o my gosh that is so awesome me love!!!

  164. Nina Grigg says

    Oh yeah.

  165. Joel Gentleman says

    What's a keyboard?

  166. Parsa Habib says


  167. Haylee Medina says

    That is so freakin awesome!!!!

  168. Lauryn Gonsalves says

    It would be cool if u had to type in a password to open the purse

  169. Benno Foster says

    that's bad ass

  170. Avonne Abnathya says

    Very creative….nice.

  171. Apooja Cheez says

    That's so awesome

  172. kendra san says

    it will be nice with a matching outfit 

  173. Cheryl Marlowe says


  174. Shakuntala Devi says

    Mmmm . . . I don't think so.

  175. brooklynn wright says

    lol kendra yea it would

  176. Gabriela Ruiz says

    If you were a woman +DJ Ruiz this would be in your closet

  177. LollypopTV Lpsgirl says

    HOW CUTE! and eco safe

  178. Shante Howell says

    Please hit the Q over and over again!!!!

  179. Bailey Renee says

    Cute!! I would wear it with pride!!

  180. Rohit Katre says


  181. Yvonne Patterson says

    Nice, no name brand needed:)

  182. Bader AlFarraj says

    I like this keybag!

  183. Mia Salerno says

    luv it!

  184. Katie Spina says

    drool so want!

  185. Brianna Atkinson says

    So sweet

  186. Ada Wells says

    Yes I would!

  187. Malley Musso says

    thats cool!

  188. Praj ab says

    Will I have to type in password .. Each time I want to open it ?? 😉

  189. Micki G MAIL says

    newp never

  190. Gracie Brod says


  191. Barira Khan says

    +Praj ab LoLOlololololLolol!

  192. Abria Parrott says

    dude that is sick. i want one

  193. Hannah Tsay says

    this looks so awesome, exactly what I would get for being a Internet surfer 🙂

  194. Glennes Bacha Nodado says

    i want to have this

  195. Awanish Dubey says

    if you want chat pl; come online with me;  what is your on line timing; my e mail ID is [email protected]

  196. amor tee says


  197. Muhammad Azhar says

    good idea.. the next generation.

  198. Jordy king says

    hahahahahahahaha lol

  199. chloe giuseffi says

    how did you do that

  200. chloe giuseffi says


  201. nivi samarasekera says

    wow creative

  202. Hope Larson says

    I think I would wear it.

  203. Jairo Jaramillo says

    parece genial friends the colombia 

  204. Lia Hockett says

    i would soo wear that!!!!

  205. Meaghan Nunley says

    Lol nice:0)

  206. tatiana lopez says


  207. Lexie Mosley says

    That's so cool

  208. Tracie Cosburn says

    Looks like it would be heavy. And I'm sure that kids will pick the keys off of it, just like what happens if you leave your laptop open and unattended. But it is cool.

  209. Aum Kalia says

    nice purse… 🙂

  210. Shamika Rupert says

    suck my cock

  211. Nicole Rymer says


  212. Sage Young says


  213. Sage Young says

    Looks like an luggage.

  214. selva marisa says

    wow. amazing…

  215. Alicia Erminy says


  216. Thet zaw oo says

    It is a nice keybag!

  217. Kayla Jones says

    i would this looks cool shit

  218. Elida Garcia says

    Black and white is still in why not?  Looks cool to me. 

  219. marilyn lujan says

    lol hell yea i would

  220. Meri Amber says

    typist chic;)

  221. Claire Ikenberry says

    I like it!

  222. Shauna Garrett says

    Oh yes.

  223. Nusrat Tabassum says

    If I have one, does that mean I can't put water and food in my purse?

  224. shiela anciano says

    nice .. 

  225. JazzyJazz TVvlog says


  226. Imogen Ledet says

    my mum has one of them

  227. Lanise Powell says

    I love it!

  228. MCatherine L-B says

    Very snazzy! #SYLink  

  229. Suraj Kumar says

    i loving it yaaaar

  230. Betty Castine says

    Impressive and differenet

  231. Jon McKenna says

    I don't carry a purse and I would carry the HELL out of that

  232. ?? says

    funny idea!

  233. Teresa Briggs says

    ha funny

  234. Sofia Roca says

    Ohmahgawd i need that <3

  235. Michael Stewart says

    how do you plug it in

  236. lealana parker says

    dumb really what r u supose to do with it besides use it for a keyboard

  237. nivi samarasekera says


  238. Christopher West says


  239. Kimmie Baker says


  240. Lauren Henrie says

    SUPER CUTE lol

  241. Nicole Penagos says

    that is so cool i would bye that

  242. Nicole Penagos says

    i mean buy that

  243. Nicole Phoenix says

    Geek chic!

  244. Kimberly Guyton says

    Love it!

  245. Anna Dunne says

    I want this!. 

  246. Garcia Trina says

    Totally differant. I would try it.

  247. Lindsay Smith says

    seriously LOOOOVE THIS. I have to get one. Where can I find one? 

  248. Anastasia Sharp says

    omg i would luv 2 wear that!!!

  249. Mason Watson says

    really cute

  250. caitlin wilson says


  251. Phil Pawsey says


  252. Carmen Andujar says

    I like it a lot

  253. Ervin Sue says

    neither qwerty nor wasd. no buy

  254. lilyann pierides says


  255. Prabhakaran Duraisamy says


  256. Owetta Robinson says

    I have nothing to wear with it.

  257. Patricia Zeiger says

    I would use it..

  258. Angela Xia says


  259. vidy vendy says


  260. Ruxandra Olpretean says

    it would go with an USB necklace and some mini mouse earings 

  261. Andreyhia medez says


  262. Dilla Adilia says

    Love it !

  263. marissa ponce says

    Lol I aggree win

  264. Bernadette Bibbs says

    I'm going through some stuff right now trying to make $+*# like that its nice I LOVE STUFF LIKE THIS

  265. Julianna Otusajo says

    that looks weird but, aswome at the same time

  266. francisca dzouza says

    wahhhh cool and creative partner

  267. Kush Khan says

    I don't carry a purse but if you find a dress like that then I'm in.

  268. hernalen gongob says

    new way of fashion

  269. britni smith says

    so cool

  270. Shichiro Shinobi says


  271. dedie Richemond says


  272. mila kunis says



    THANK U & BLESS U : ) 
    Trip To Southend On Sea

  273. Darcy Schultz says

    pretty mod!

  274. Tanya Vaka says

    I would definitely wear this and then tease people if they need a keyboard they can borrow my purse!! Awesome!!

  275. Anthony Milbauer says

    Do they have a Dvorak version?

  276. Roshni Crow says


  277. Joel Ocampo says

    Amanda, I would buy it for you. 😉

  278. puran bisht says

    ohh its 4 meee

  279. septria nouvia handayani says


  280. Aja rayburn says

    Did u make it

  281. Tatiana Rivas says


  282. Paul Emanuelly says

    where can i get one?!

  283. Talia Appel-Bernstein says


  284. sri vidhya says

    nice creativity…

  285. andrei tourubaroff says

    Even from a dude…that's a cool purse

  286. kiri veillette says

    i would so use it if i could get one

  287. Subhashri Vijayakumar says

    love to have that bag

  288. Vanessa Harrington says

    This is certainly starting a new trend….

  289. Robert Lennes says

    That is hideously cool.

  290. rahul tyagi says


  291. Chatryne Friedrichie says

    wow…. perfecto keyboard versi 2012

  292. Michael Lockhart says

    what layout is it though?  It doesn't look like QWERTY or Dvorak…? 😛

  293. Hardeep Singh says


  294. Kevin D says

    Do they make a wallet version?

  295. Hooman Hashemi nejad says

    Does it work?

  296. Muhammad Abbas says

    its a keyboard bag………

  297. Anzar Draboo says

    Amazing Innovation.

  298. caroline crosby says

    i want this purse ill go geek all the way sign me up

  299. Rita Cervantes says

    i think its cool

  300. VIPIN VIJAY V.S says

    What a beauty…

  301. Kristopher Marshall says

    Speaking of "Douchebags".

  302. Shriganesh Bollakpalli says

    amazing dude

  303. Janet Wells says

    I think it's very cute and different. I'd wear it.

  304. Grace Fang says

    very cool

  305. Heaven Dill says

    id wear it

  306. Jasmine Venegas says

    that purse in not my type… XD

  307. Shamitha Veligatla says


  308. Mahesh Patole says

    its good………….

  309. Hansi Fernando says


  310. Rosaura Raya-Markham says

    For fun only.

  311. Lineo Lecheko says

    cool bag 😉

  312. bobosan alin says

    i think is an original design 🙂

  313. Akash Singhvi says

    Too Complicated

  314. Hengameh Nesarizadeh says

    It's so cute,
    but it seems too heavy to wear!

  315. Lucy Lin says

    OMG! so cool!

  316. Theresa Collins says

    Funny, I have a beach purse like this made from bamboo. almost exactly to the shape and size.

  317. Carl Polo says

    keeeeeding me

  318. ELIZABETH AOKO says

    so attractive but maths kibao its symbol

  319. Anastasia Karpova says

    ahahah))) cool

  320. Danielle Homeres says

    I need to get me one of those….it wud b gr8 if it were attached to a mac book but still freaking AWSOME!!

  321. sapphire johnson says

    Awesome! Is it for sale?:)

  322. Adarsh Vijay says


  323. Xiangcheng Chen says

    I don't think that purse touch good.

  324. Sonia Marcus says

    How cute, I want one.

  325. syeda Zehra says

    Cute i want two

  326. Joshua Scanlan says

    Im a boy and i think that cool

  327. Kain Branford says

    It can be a manpurse too!

  328. Frank Watson says


  329. Jordyn Bieber- Hutcherson says

    its a Satchel, not a man purse

  330. Emily Russell says

    I would not buy that sorry

  331. Tiffany Conner says

    I don't even like purses…but this, this I love.  

  332. Tiffany Keeling says

    Love it! Yes I would kill it rockin that purse!!!

  333. Faye Alexander says

    i want this always

  334. Carla Ackley says

    Wow. She's got the look..

  335. Melissa King says

    if i had that purse i would actually use a purse! 

  336. jyoti jadhav says


  337. Kayleigh Fairburn says

    yes i would totes wear this

  338. Vighnesh Taunk says


  339. Ameen Ansari says

    amegine yaar

  340. nazma shaik says

    nice yarrrrrrrrr

  341. Aluli Sylivia says


  342. Carla Ackley says

    Reminds me of DEVO

  343. Soha Azizi says


  344. Winfred Warura says

    lovely 🙂

  345. Jemimah Rubin says


  346. Renelle Lee-Bond says

    Not even QWERTY… And definitely not CUTE

  347. Rachel Anne Yoon says

    I love how random the keys are. 😛

  348. Savani Dandeniya says

    i so want it…..where can i but ine???

  349. Lora Alexander says

    so cool!

  350. Grace Moeller says


  351. Aalia Khan says

    Nope, not my style at all…

  352. philip price says

    Somewhere to keep your 'keys!'

  353. Diti Asiag says

    Not my style but fun non the less:)

  354. sandhya sravani says


  355. Sampson Tam says


  356. Belinda Ingram says

    Cool, different!

  357. Narges Kian says


  358. Dianne Howard says


  359. Rikki Khadgi says

    o .0 i need this 1……………

  360. HAROLD MUKOMA says

    Admirable ehehe

  361. Andy Tan says


  362. Parya Biglary says

    I love this bag, I should buy one…….

  363. Mamoon Raza says


  364. Arom Makuei says

    So cool

  365. Monali kapdiya says

    nice design…a purse too

  366. Karan Charel says

    ow nyc

  367. Pam Rungsung says

    eww… i'll pass this one. might as well carry my reliable tote. don't want to look like i'm connected to the virtual world 25 hours lol !!

  368. Raunak Singh says


  369. delaram nabipour says

    I like it!:D

  370. Phoebe Cahill says

    you can carry  a computer in it!

  371. Leilani Kavanagh says

    I know someone with one, it looks cooler in real life

  372. Maria Samy says


  373. Crunch Manko says

    phew!the world going computers,just saw shoes made up of computer chip board,now keyboard…i like it.

  374. Nauna Tuli says

    hahahaha that is meanage…….. only if it had internet

  375. kim sharma says


  376. Amir Rahimi says

    all texts are wrong………..!!!!!!iiiiii

  377. charlotte white says

    that is awesome

  378. Jane Gooding says

    Wonder what a mugger would make of it….

  379. Sanjana Singh says


  380. Ebiama Ayah says

    A keyboard bag? Wow!

  381. Ebiama Ayah says

    A keyboard bag? Wow!

  382. Ebiama Ayah says

    A keyboard bag? Wow!

  383. nick luvio says

    it would be cool if that was connected to a computer or something

  384. syeda wajiha zahra naqvi says


  385. estiana thea says

    this is a keyboard bag ? so creative

  386. Grace Marlena says

    Haha so cool!

  387. Beza Bekele says

    Haha! That's so awesome!

  388. zaza hanifa khalis says


  389. varsha kenekar says

    not interested.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………….

  390. Valencia Bumgarner says


  391. Pragati Nagpal says


  392. rose komba says


  393. Judith Fernando says

    SO RANDOM>….

  394. yashi srivastava says


  395. Cullen Fair says

    i would kick the shins of anybody who would seriously sport this

  396. Mahnaz Kiani Nejad says


  397. Kevin Sui says

    This is AWESOME!

  398. Kristina Afflick says

    i like it

  399. kriti verma says


  400. Briana Jimenez says

    so awesome 🙂 

  401. Lloyd Ramirez says


  402. Tishyaa Sarkar says

    Is it real?

  403. Bava Kasim says

    wow great

  404. Courtney Richard says


  405. noe vento bernardo ivo says


  406. Dawn Garlick says

    Would love one!

  407. Renee Carter says

    Love it.

  408. Sana wahab says

    waaaaw i like it

  409. Sri sindhu says


  410. Bekah Howard says


  411. JOYCE ALLEN says

    Where can I get one

  412. nicole khoo says

    I'd need one. I'm a 10 year old author. OK I'm going to be.

  413. Nithya Indrajith says

    wow!  keypad bag.

  414. Chau Tran says

    Is that bag real ?

  415. Siddharth Bansode says


  416. Yu Za Na says


  417. Afolabi Motunrayo says


  418. Andleeb shah says


  419. anagha haritas says


  420. angel bhangu says


  421. Nicole Sierer says

    I would not say it is that nice

  422. Nicole Sierer says

    Kinda weird 

  423. Jaya anjali says


  424. Peter Barrett says

    What happens if you press control-alt-delete?

  425. pragna vekariya says

    creative but nt useful

  426. Gilles Labelle says

    Would be cooler with a QWERTY layout

  427. Shreya Kapoor says

    eye catching…………..

  428. Mayra Quiroz says

    wow that is awesome 😀

  429. divya vani says


  430. Andrew D says

    You gotta punch in a code to open it?

  431. Ahmad Riyadh says


  432. Martha McDougall says


  433. Lisa Bonelli says


  434. Ather Mirza says

    That's cool…looks like a squary alligator skin!

  435. aashka shah says


  436. Nitin Sai says


  437. Alex Ross says

    Not my style but some of my friends would die to have that bag 🙂

  438. Hillary Hopkins says

    cool lol

  439. vijay prajapati says

    nice kebord

  440. Christine Atieno says

    thats a nice handbag for sure

  441. martisa ogletree says

    i wouldnt mind wear its different

  442. Kimberli Cardosi says

    still wondering how would you keep the little stuff from getting in between the keys whenever you set it down?

  443. Kendra Hughey says


  444. Amina Lawan says

    A keyboard purse what an idea

  445. azka areej says

    it is easy fr typing

  446. Keisha Jaurrieta says

    I love that pure I would buy that

  447. Ben Baird says

    Does it come in murse?

  448. felicia overly says


  449. Maxine Hirschel says

    What imagination this idea took..Would wear to an office exhibit.

  450. Justin Lupinetti says

    This is so cool. My b/f would love this….how can u purchase one of these?

  451. Roman Lazunin says

    NIce to have a

  452. Sara Adila says

    want it NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  453. Uddin emrana says

    yes. i so would!

  454. Latell Durrant says

    sure do

  455. blohini blaidoo says

    OMG! how on Earth did they design that?!!! It's awesome!

  456. Clara Thomas says

    Perfect gift for my boyfriend if he was a girl 😉

  457. jitesh kriplani says

    i like the photo

  458. miz mcgraw says

    so cool!

  459. Josh Luke says


  460. traci-ann green says


  461. Andrea Matthews says

    <3 it

  462. Jan Macleod says

    bet they would sell like hot cakes in the colleges n uni's

  463. Ryann Lariscy says

    I like this.

  464. Annie Ricafort says


  465. Charu Latha says

    I love this

  466. Bandido Bandit says

    It's cool – I love purses

  467. Jason Kalka says

    Needs more QWERTY

  468. Thippeswamy Shetty says

    spl type key board

  469. natosha hansen says


  470. frances hill says

    wow! I saw it all now! It's cool!

  471. Laurence Hubbard says

    +Amanda Blain the first page of personalized Google results for this image pointed to mostly Pinterest pages. On the second page was the link to your G+ post, and a few down was to your blog. My post of this purse on G+ didn't rank in the first 5 pages 🙁

  472. vinutha gowda says

    it's fantastic imagination….

  473. Victor Abbott says

    Wow! easy to personalize! Is it available in white for the Mac lover?

  474. kriso stoykov says


  475. Mohammed Al-Muhanna says

    I like ! 

  476. Tiberius AllAmerican says

    my friend wore that to our local cat cookoff

  477. Hossam Amin says

    nice oh

  478. Victor Abbott says

    The Keyboard Bag. Enter a new world, shift your perspective and escape from it all. Take control of your life and delete all your troubles so they never return. Also in white… (RedFerret)

  479. Pearl Dean says


  480. Yolanda Begay says


  481. Angel Song says

    That's so cool I think I'd buy it just for the heck of it… lol

  482. Jessica Hurst says

    It would match my shy guy hat very nicely.

  483. Christine Ireland says

    I shop The Library Store for unique items such as this, love it!

  484. yasaman gorji says

    che bahal  😀

  485. Jill Mcmurry says

    That's actually pretty cool. What in the world would u wear it with though?

  486. Anna Kobakhidze says

    Not really

  487. Melody Cypher says

    FTW!!! +1!!

  488. Rachel Valcarce says


  489. Karen Kitridge says

    I love this.

  490. Jorge Luiz says

    Hello my friends !!
    Post Photo Page on Channel Smart Trends Brasil Project Facebook,
    Spectacle The Bag .. post on channel — me add @smarttrendsBR..

  491. Guenther Butscher says

    A really good idea.

  492. Venkateswarlu Palepu says

    Innovative ideas only comes from creative persons.

  493. Fauzal latif says

    hayang atuch.!

  494. shewa hussain says


  495. sushil kumar says

    Nice bag

  496. Albert Raj V.M says

    nice. keyboard

  497. Kamea Tisdale says


  498. Marian Gaebler says

    Where are the return and space keys? Without them it's useless.

  499. Elandro Gleydison says

    Albert einstein needs this one for goodness of the science

  500. Eva Ríos López says

    Demasiado geek para mi?

  501. Noreen Qayam says

    oh the glory of geekdom! one for me please! B-)

  502. Jason Bugra says

    Ahahaha what about a wallet like this? 

  503. Shoeb Ansari says


  504. britnye Spears says


  505. doomcookie Mor says


  506. Nicholas Harless says

    Thats boss

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