*The Top 7 Social Media Sites and Why You Want To Use Them For Business*

If you've ever wondered things like  "Why use pinterest?", "What do I DO on Twitter? or "Is there a point to Instagram for me?" then check this post I did out.. 


I am doing a series of blog posts on your questions in social media… This week I answer the questions of "What is the difference and benefits between the top 7 social media sites for businesses and users".

If you have a social media questions you want answered.. please feel free to ask here. It might be the topic of an upcoming post 🙂

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  1. Avni Ukshini says

    Very good.

  2. Craig Hartel says

    +Amanda Blain  Do you think that ignoring, i.e., not using Facebook at all is a mistake for anyone looking to build a brand, big or small within the social media context?

  3. Lucky Sysou says

    very informative! thanks for sharing +Amanda Blain !
    #socialmedia #business

  4. Amanda Blain says

    I actually kinda answered that one in the post +Craig Hartel .. i maintain a presence on Facebook.. but just barely… I dont want to have to pay to get my message out.. No other social site has this model. I would stop using twitter too if they made me pay each time i wanted my followers to see a tweet… I'm not sure why marketers haven't jumped that ship faster honestly…

  5. Shannon Adelson says

    Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed resources for review. No matter how much one thinks they know about social media, there are always new things to be learned. I for one am extremely grateful when those with wisdom and experience are willing to share it with others still trying to drink it all in.

    You're an inspiration +Amanda Blain

  6. Trivon Celestain says

    Very insightful

  7. Amanda Blain says

    Wow thank you +Shannon Adelson I super appreciate that compliment.. 🙂 Things change so rapidly in this social media space.. that we are ALL always learning.. its a lot to stay on top of … 🙂

  8. Auguste Kalala says


  9. Martin Holmes says

    Great article +Amanda Blain have posted on #Twitter.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. sara alves says

    good nigth

  11. Courtney Kettmann says

    Great to see a post where you recommend different platforms and then point out why to use them and how they are each unique. Each platform has its own personality and so often that is forgotten by brands and businesses. Thanks +Amanda Blain for breaking it down so it's easy to understand!

  12. Angela Booth says

    Excellent roundup of sites.

  13. John Rakich says

    What an informative and well thought out piece it really helped me  ( a novice to this all) understand the differences between the platforms and where to focus my energies.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this 🙂

  14. Saffy Saffybt. says

    Ok…no questions yet come into my mind…tell u later.thanks

  15. Jenny Melrose says

    Fabulous explanation of each platform.  Thanks so much!

  16. Joe Sylvester says

    A lot of companies have a social media presence, very few use it as an effective communication tool.

    It would be awesome to have a follow up article that discusses how to effectively use social media to increase lead capture, conversions, brand loyalty and more importantly customer satisfaction.

  17. julio zelaye says

    ….The world belongs to smart folks …you are pretty smart ….pretty senorita 😉

  18. Gary Kihara says

    +Amanda Blain are you currently part of a network marketing company?

  19. Erica Marcum says

    I personally dislike when I see people promoting their companies in the middle of threads that have little to nothing to do with their products or services.

    I mean I understand you want to push your product… But this is obnoxious! I much rather look you up when I am in need of your services.

    For instance wanted to take a Mediterranean Cruise… So looked up Cruises… Was lead to a really NICE SWANKY cruise line. And I still follow them just to see if they are running any specials!! 🙂

    Would much rather businesses use this approach. Your comments are very welcome +Amanda Bain

  20. doyne quadros says


  21. Amanda Blain says

    umm no i am not part of any network marking company nor do I want to be in anyway.. +Gary Kihara 

    And yes.. this is the point +Erica Marcum … just like you mentioned.. companies need to start thinking like consumers again and less like.. HERE IS MY BRAND CLICK CLICK CLICK>> 🙂

  22. Dan Crolla says

    thanks,very usefule

  23. Wayne Johnson says

    I hear you on that one Erica Marcum

  24. Chris Quinn says

    Great Post! I agree on all the points you make for each network. I use Google+ much more than the others as well. Google+ is like the all around social network that almost does all the things the rest do minus Pinterest and LinkedIn

  25. Durk Barton says

    Your blog would garner more comments if it didn't ask the user to allow facebook sharing. I wonder about the value of the internet and if it can truly help the little guy rise up from obscurity. newpercept.blip.tv

  26. Amanda Blain says

    This is not my blog.. im just doing a guest post… thats feedback for you +Viralheat … about comments… 

    and yes it can when you dont link drop in comments +Durk Barton

  27. Vinoth Sms says


  28. Oremo Ochillo says

    +Amanda Blain Nice breakdown Amanda. I especially like how you didn't  base your analysis on the size of the social network but the effectiveness. If you are looking for ideas for Blog posts I think that How Businesses Can Use Instagram for marketing and giving some specific examples would be great. I even struggle with using Instagram vs Pinterest

  29. Travis Blair says

    +Amanda Blain what do you think about Flipboard?
    Nice article, by the way! It explains each social network quite well.

  30. Amanda Blain says

    There are some examples in this post for instagram… It really depends on your company though +Oremo Ochillo

  31. Travis Blair says

    Also, you say "companies need to start thinking like consumers again…" and now I'm curious. What is something you suggest they do? (since there's probably multiple things)

  32. Brandon Hoover says


  33. kamaraju remo says

    mam i need a urgent help in javascript………can u help me?

  34. Friederike Gonzalez Schmitz says

    Great overview. I'm using most of them. Being based in Germany, we use Xing a lot and so far, I have not used Instagram and Foursquare.

  35. Hananya Naftali says


  36. Denis Mang'era says

    Hey Amanda,

  37. Karoline Nadar says

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  38. raman sharma says

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  39. Raja Swaminathan says

    Nice post, the difference between G+ and Facebook helps in convincing people why G+ isn't 'dead', because it's not meant as a direct replacement for Facebook!

  40. Lily Guan says


  41. Sam Mayaveram says

    Great post, as always…
    My questions:
    1. Tips on how to maintain a relevant, engaged audience.
    2. How do you know you have an engaged audience?
    3. How do your audience know you are engaged? How much should you reshare/retweet etc

    Looking forward to hearing more,

  42. yashpal singh songara says


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  44. Leonard Berhitoe says

    very good….thank you very much…

  45. Ernesto Martínez Carabantes says


  46. Mitch Wessley says


  47. Priya Krishnasamy says


  48. MUAD NP says

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  49. Shaun Brent says

    Where did you find the stock art?

  50. Polcaté Canela says

    Boa tarde Amanda Blein, como está indo a gestão da politica da sua cidade?

  51. Edwin Rivera says

    Good read, thanks!

  52. Mama Raja says


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