The Appennine Colossus by Giambologna

Giambologna was a sculpture who lived in 1529 – 1608 carved this magnificent statute located in Villa di Pratolino, a lovely garden, 12 km north of Florence, Italy.

The garden once included grottos and caves, mazes, and multiple water pipes and fountains that would spray visitors.  Personally I think this statue might be the petrified remains of a fallen god. 🙂

The villa was built by the solitary Francesco I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany in part to please his Venetian mistress in 1580's. It passed through many hands over the years, including Grand Duke Ferdinand III before ending up being bought by the province of Florence who maintain the park and open it for public use from May until September.

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  1. Doug Bailey says

    Amazing!  Thanks for sharing.  Sort of like a miniature version of the Argonath from the Lord of the Rings.  ? Lord of the Rings – The Argonath (with lyric)

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  3. Chris Gomez says

    In part to please his mistress? Ahuh, and what the heck was the other reason then?

  4. Samia Elsaid says

    +Amanda Blain ,this is breathtaking

  5. Michael Brewster says

    hear that magsum…amazing work

  6. Dana Oredson says

    Very nice. I wonder if there have been any movies featuring it.

  7. Grant Lanning says

    Now that is cool! Like a ancient god waking up and coming out of the rock.

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    beautifull 🙂

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    This is beautiful.

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    Hello ! Amanda.nice to meet you,
    The great God ? pic

  17. donald hakala says

    Oooooh!! somewhere new to add to my bucket list!

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    fallen gods are all this world is made of.

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    That"s cool

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    like as god Zues

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    very cool!

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    It's amazing

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    Amazing !!!

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    ya i agree with ev;rybody

  34. Shannon Daley says

    Thats is unbelievable sculpture.

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    Very unique.

  36. John Fanavans says

    she must have been something eh?

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     Can't tell from the perspective…how big is it?

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    that is one cool statue

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    Great job.

  42. Loriann Cordero says

    Wonderful! The romance and beauty of Italy… 🙂

  43. Nick Bartolo says

    That is truly awe inspiring. 

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    Dear lord, I hope that's not a Weeping Angel…

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    woah… pretty impressive…

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    what kind of photo is this

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    So Earthy love it !

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    love it

  52. Joe Dennis says

    Size of sculpture? Was it carved from stone already there or was the stone brought in ?

  53. David Keith Alder says

    Looks wise ancient, determined, solid as a rock

  54. jackie chan says

    Wow! Nice looking statue!

  55. Tariq Zougbor says

    whare did you take this photo

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    Wowzers! That is cool looking.

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    love it

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    thats amazing 

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    waoo nice

  62. Stephen Burrows says

    Yes, I'm pretty sure Giambologna was a sculptor, not a sculpture. And he probably lived from 1529–1608. Also, the first sentence is a run-on; you can fix that in one of the following ways:

    "Giambologna was a sculptor who lived from 1529 – 1608 and carved"
    "Giambologna, a sculptor who lived from 1529 – 1608, carved"

    And 1580s shouldn't have an apostrophe.

    That being said – this is a beautiful statue and a beautiful picture of it.

  63. Salomón Sfeir says

    This picture excited all the mythological and epic veins within me!

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  65. Vahid Mazidy says

    this is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!?

  66. Soraida Carmona says

    I would love to go see it in person.

  67. Tyler Porter says

    Beautiful! I can't believe I haven't seen more pictures of this around.

  68. Jacqueline Nehama says

    Thank you!

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    wow. magnificent!

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    I was there on 2000! I loved this place!

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    +aj zaad  hey! don't be so rude this is a great post!

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    Wow! Amazing work of art!

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    beautiful thank you wish i could travel more, recession need to be over

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    Givea me goosebumps… XD

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    I must go here someday soon

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    me tooo want to see this

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    love this

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    Amazing 🙂

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    Thats scary

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    I love this here anything that has to do with art i'm in it but i have never seen nothing like this very interesting can i ask you for this picture pretty please .if is not no problem ?

  99. Adam Sahaja says nice

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    That is Amazing! And I agree with the Fallen God Theory!

  101. Gwendolyn Fecteau says

    Wow…check out the detail! How long did this guy work on that?

  102. benn li says

    Would love to see it in person.

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    that is beautiful!

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    Kinda scary….

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    wow! thats some kind of a cool thing!

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    it kinda looks like poseidon.

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  113. Dave Williams says

    Giambologna means in Italian : give me the I'm giving you

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    Simply incredible

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    Is real

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    itsa amazing

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    One of the most beautiful & complex sculptures I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

  128. Robert Garrett says

    Giambologna didnt carve that, someone else did.

  129. Charles Hickey says

    I've never heard of this.

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    itsa amazing

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    Waw nice

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    one of the decommissioned  transformer

  134. Julius Jackson says

    This statue looks fascinating…

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    Its awe inspiring. I can imagine standing at the foot of the sculpture, looking up to that face… magnificent!

  136. Bill Van Swol says

    That is so cool

  137. claude mcdonald says

    hay is that even reall? 🙂

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  139. amy campbell says

    What does he see as he studies the water, does he see the future or is he reflecting on the past?:)

  140. Jim Stein says

    Very cool…

  141. delano lex orlanda says

    "old man who wants to bathe" 

  142. Amy Lee says

    wow, amazing

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    that's really amazing

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    I loved to draw there!

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    Great work of art!

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    WOW!!!!! ~ t 😉

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    Good picture

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    Awesome yes, another reminder I must go to Florance~thanks

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    I am in love with this…

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    I don't know what is this, but it is awesome!

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    Thats wild

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    thats weird

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    nice photo friend

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    it's a statue of the god of cement.

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    that is soo cool

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    So deep. Would love to see this for myself

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    Oh man that is beautiful. So much story and character

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    It amazes me that people created such beauty by hand

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    amazing human marvel

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    woah… just woah

  172. Isis Salisbury says

    what if that is the remains of an fallen God, that would be so awsome

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  175. Mark Corson says

    He has many amazing works, best to see in person. The ironic one is the beginning of what we know in our lifetime as a marital tradition of carrying the wife over the threshold. Then it was called "The Rape of the Savine Women".

  176. Anamika Gogoi says


  177. Adam DeMine says

    I think its sad that so many of the people posting comments about how beautiful, awe inspiring, and amazing this monument is would scoff at anyone on the street that resembled this work of art. Beauty is everywhere if you only have the heart to see it. Think of that the next time you see someone that doesnt fit your idea of what a respectable person should look like. Everybody has their own stories of triumph and failure, and we all possess a certain beauty within ourselves. The carving is great no doubt, but real people are better.

  178. Heru Widagdo says

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    I need to personally see this at least once in my life

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    Astonishing!! Thank you for the post!

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    That looks like something from skyrim

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    what a beauty

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    Wow thats crazy hot

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    This is so beautiful.

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    It isn't real, unless I see it or experience it. A picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words or clicks of the mouse….LOL!

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    thats pretty sik

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    That is epic

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    Wow….only if these would of been real people …espectacular!!..

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    Man I guess so, I love this kind of cool stuff, Is it for real or a photo?…

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    that is just outright cool.

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    That is truly a work of art mixed wit natural mixed in…

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    Extraordinary art work.

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    A great shot of a truly stunning site. I can imagine being in a boat, rounding a curve in the river and coming upon THIS view. Is it as large as it seems to be?

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    I am apparently monosylabic oarally responding that is. (at least so far) laters.  Indeed! (to the sculpture)  Wait thats not quite right is it?  O_W, as my old buddy Mick would put it ~

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    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It is an amazing work of art. I told my wife I must see it in person. Thank you for planning my next big trip.

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    >>>agrees with the petrified remains theory 😀 

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