1. Peri Irawan says


  2. Werner Klausen says

    Hahaha! I've never seen that before. Hilarious! ;D

  3. Vijay Sagar Reddy says


  4. Susan Viljoen says

    Hahaha good one

  5. Shannon B. says

    Okay now I have to google that.

  6. zahid farooq says


  7. Rob Duke says


  8. Jaun-Pierre Marais says

    Brilliant!!! …LOL

  9. Rob Duke says

    Apparently, the dont know me aye +Ajda Boksic Filipovic lmao!

  10. Shannon B. says

    damn… google hasn't done anything funky with it yet

  11. umer javaid says


  12. Hi too googol

  13. William S. Walker says

    #SpaceCadets   liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/j71FiAIvWWI?a  Chris Hadfield addresses Canadian media from space

  14. Waheed fateh puri says


  15. Radames Rodriguez Romero says

    Original picture

  16. Nick Mills says

    Lol they should have Google Mapped Luke Skywalker house 🙂

  17. Stephen Cable says

    Maybe they have been using Apple maps?

  18. Kenny Grimes says

    hope they dont google me

  19. Serenity Watkins says


  20. Shell Karecki says

    LOL!!!  *)

  21. Rohit Gautam says


  22. maria virginia vera gonzalez says


  23. James Haney says


  24. Carmen Riveros says


  25. Felicja Ponichtera says


  26. Nathan Belomy says

    I don't get it.

  27. mark del rosario says

    no way xD LOL

  28. Patrick Jantex says


  29. 彭伟 says


  30. Lennis Boyd says

    too funny!

  31. etiko efe says

    V funny

  32. Nattapon Ponsuk says


  33. Shiva Ram Baniya says

    The droids we're looking for? Lol google must be busy so did not correct.

  34. Joshua Helmeke says

    I like how they're just a couple of action figures that somebody set up in front of their computer screen!

  35. Leo Hernandez says


  36. sonu saxena says

    h f s…… i cant gave u back mess bz im amiut in hospital .first i tel u vvv happy new year

  37. nagaraj raju says


  38. DreaMQ Can says

  39. Sudarshan baral says


  40. Simon Haris says

    Yes amazing

  41. Vatan kumar says

    futuristic  cool…………………..

  42. Andrew Bradley says

    Google Now would show a picture of the droids they're looking for, directions to Tatooine, and a weather forecast.

  43. 王伟 says

    Google make us stupid XD

  44. Martin Holmes says

    Love it:-)

  45. Mush Kuma says

    I think they are looking 4 my brother ob1

  46. hugh smith says


  47. Sunil M says


  48. nagaraj raju says


  49. Adrian Martin says

    I would DIE LAUGHING if the arrow was on, "I'm Feeling Lucky."

  50. Jeff Tz says


  51. Craig Williams says

    Lol that's funny

  52. Atahualpa W says


  53. Andrew D'Albor says

    Haha. Love it!

  54. Justin Tully says

    This is the easy way to find them 🙂

  55. vishwanath chintu says

    yup it is easy way to find for them

  56. Michel Pas says


  57. romeo leop says

    Big help…

  58. Arun Pandiyan says


  59. Michael Vaughan says

    Hey +Gary Nath !!!

  60. Ihab Nagy says

    Google kbow you amanda…everything

  61. Regan Gassaway says

    They've been looking for those droids for over 35 years…

  62. Julio Ryan says

    Cool! I love Star Wars! Keep it techie! 🙂

  63. Malthus John says

    Movie plots will never be the same, +Amanda Blain!

  64. Jennifer Sager Cosgrove says


  65. Amber Martin says


  66. Amelia Wood says

    So what were the Droids looking for?? Or whose on 1st?

  67. Vincent Tapia says

    They should update this… wait, I'll do it myself. I've got stormtroopers who will volunteer.

  68. Rick Bjarnason says

    lol! that is awesome

  69. Jonathan Moore says


  70. William S. Walker says

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  71. Mj Kash says


  72. Michael Lee Johnson says

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  73. William S. Walker says

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  74. mary wyman says

    Lol that's so awsome

  75. Géza Szuk says

    Na ha erre válaszolsz, akkor azt hiszem talán igazán érdeklődő ember vagy és nem csak egy kis pénzt szeretnél keresni.Persze a pénz, vagy általánosságban a kaja=energia az nem nélkülözhető, erről szól az életünk=a létezésünk.Na csa szép zsidólány!

  76. Mike Madachik says

    Awesome…. They need to do a search though for the droid razr, and and THEN they will find what they've been looking for:-)

  77. Olusola Odebode says


  78. LUIS PASTUÑA says

    como podemos chatear

  79. Stephen Jennings says

    That's awesome.

  80. Rampy Jason says

    LOL !

  81. Eduardo Vargas says

    That is soooooo funny. Find another one pleazzzz that is also funny.

  82. Anna Tway says

    Me 2 lol 🙂

  83. Darío Colín says

    Hahaha that's super geek… But I love it…

  84. Hesham Shafik says

    Hi amanda my name is biso i am 36 years iam from egypt what about you i am interest to know uou

  85. vmpmurugesh pandiyan says

    Nice joke

  86. nil nitin says

    good 1

  87. Melanie Frank says

    you can find them at Verizon Wieless…

  88. Ihab Nagy says

    Hi Ms amanda

  89. Risi Latif says

    Thats true

  90. ali mercedes says


  91. Darren Therrien says

    Wonder if they'll find the droids after Googles new update?

  92. William S. Walker says

    Get Your Updates For Droids Ate The #International Space Station Live Cam With Simple Screen Capture From #ISS #LiveStream #BreakingNews #UFO Alerts Get Full Story At HuffigtonPost.com #CES #2013CES #2013CES #SpaceCadet #PuntWW

  93. sadiq yunusa says

    in the space?

  94. wisin Suazo says

    amanda, yamame al 8498030782

  95. tymeica stafford says


  96. Joel Sanchez says

    They don't know how to use Google, they use hologram?! ~@^_^@~(^@^)

  97. Jade Goodwin says


  98. Julia Peterson says

    that's great!

  99. Stephen Forster says

    Love this so funny, Star Wars figures are great for creative posts on Google+, thanks for this one +Amanda Blain

  100. Ajda Boksic Filipovic says

    nope. those people don't know you 🙁 +Rob Duke   ;))
    (hey!! i go away for few days, and you change name!! smh!!) 😉

  101. Lynnaya Hamby says

    100th comment! LOL!

  102. Rob Clements says

    is funny

  103. amit kamani says


  104. jethro mokadi says

    Ha ha ha that's realy funny

  105. Justin Warnock says

    It would be funnier if they had the cursor on I'm feeling lucky

  106. Oeur Ratha says


  107. Muhyedeen Batah says

    I laughed at it, thank you.

  108. Troy Davidson says

    I smiled.

  109. Johnny Polk says


  110. Lilia Hutchinson says

    That's very clever!

  111. Johnny Polk says


  112. Idir Bouatou says

    No comment

  113. Johnny Polk says


  114. Troy Davidson says

    Strange, the result I got was, "move along." (Just  joking.)

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