1. L Aaron Court says

    Very cool!  Awesome!!  2 of my heros (or 1 hero and 1 heroine) in the same picture together!  LOL….

  2. Tony Harris says


  3. Beth Revels says

    Super cute necklace too.

  4. ashokkumar jain says

    Cute couples lovely picture I love it. Iam happy if couples are happy. Thanks

  5. Momen haitham says


  6. Jeff Angcanan says

    Whoa…G+ guru summit!

  7. Kyle Salewski says

    The myth, the man, the legend… +Guy Kawasaki

  8. Pete Karas says

    That is just great Amanda …. cool

  9. Syed Rizwan says

    Cherish the moment

  10. Aaron Wood says

    Did he at least know who you were? lol

  11. Daniel Mihai Popescu says

    Congratulations to you both, +Amanda Blain & +Guy Kawasaki

  12. ashokkumar jain says

    Beautiful loving personality both looking joyful very nice

  13. Kety Sanova says

    Awesome…. very nich

  14. Sebastian Encina says

    Yes, very cool and very awesome. Now more about that phone…

  15. ashokkumar jain says

    Enjoy both gracefully

  16. Felix Wayne says

    Nice necklace

  17. Christopher Lira says

    +Aaron Wood lmao! I asked +Amanda Blain the same thing the other day.

  18. Paul Huckabee says

    Glad to see you made it back safe and sound +Amanda Blain

  19. Neville Swaby says

    +Amanda Blain please tell +Guy Kawasaki we need the new Razor with a better battery.

  20. ashokkumar jain says

    Battery is fully charged no interuptions plz carryon friends

  21. Sohail ahmad khan says


  22. ashokkumar jain says

    Goodnight have a wonderful night sweet dreams with full of fun loving times

  23. ashokkumar jain says

    Ohe madam and friend, I want to sleep, here night 2.50 pm in india, 2 morrow I comment now goodnight dear friends it was nice time bye see you again

  24. Joe Frawley says

    did you get a new phone while you were there?

  25. Victor de la isla says

    You look so beutiful

  26. Cathy Richey says


  27. John Stierheim says

    Lucky "Guy" (couldn't resist) lol

  28. Mark Carlson says

    Great photo, was it a chance meeting or planned?

  29. Allison Cutler says

    Any scoop or gossip you could share +Amanda Blain ?

  30. Stephen Welton says

    One of the coolest "Guys" around the world. Why is my mojo not orbiting around your mojo +Amanda Blain while your just next door in #Toronto? +Guy Kawasaki is someone I know we both appreciate. Loving the titles and content of his books.

  31. Helene Torrinha says

    U give him a nice smile. U are great

  32. Gavin Llewellyn says


  33. Rana Amritanshu Kumar says

    he's a nice Guy and great pic.

  34. sameena rani says

    nice pic

  35. Adam Guerbuez says

    finally marry, nice looking partner, very happy to see hope lasting forever and many camels in your future.

  36. ernesto gebze says

    aaaa, nice look like tipe for you….

  37. Bahtiar Mumen says


  38. Mahesh Mahi says

    oh nice

  39. Barké Alhassane says

    Hey my favorite Geek, Good day to you!

  40. Hasibur Rahman says


  41. faiq jan says

    best luck

  42. mohsin ali says

    nice pic

  43. Ashar ejaz says


  44. Arif Shahzad says

    Good to see you both of u

  45. Verri Keuramat says


  46. pargat singh says

    you star

  47. Paul Meechan says

    Something dodgy looking about that guy !! 🙂

  48. Стас Горовиков says


  49. Ali shah says

    nice pair

  50. pargat singh says

    brean very bast

  51. Baruch Labunski says

    Amazing Photo 🙂

  52. sandeep narang says

    Nice photo

  53. mak han says

    Nice pic

  54. Vanz Zukkuh says


  55. Mazz Yahya says


  56. prakash giri says

    pw  wow ur couple awesome @     bobby  from india

  57. daniel vatsa says

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Daniel Vatsa

  58. MARTIN ANAYO says

    is metin up dt is what we pray for dt is nice

  59. Sabir Ali says

    Wow so nice

  60. pargat singh says

    so sweet

  61. santosh soni says

    so lovely and preety dear amanda i like

  62. Mazz Yahya says

    Nice coupal

  63. jayson holst says

    Very very cool Amanda Blain

  64. maria da paixão paixão says


  65. Nimish Dalvi says

    Nic click

  66. pargat singh says

    very very nice culmlnate

  67. jugo Dhl says
  68. vijay khetalpar says


  69. maria da paixão paixão says

    Se esse casal forem irmãos tudo bem, mas se forem marido e mulher a convivencia tornou-os bem parecidos.

  70. mano karan says

    cute pics

  71. Zaylun Hardman says

    I like u a lot

  72. vijay khetalpar says

    nice pic

  73. pargat singh says

    hamy bahuat khusi hai es bat ke my life may koe ton ham say jada hard
    insan ton mila dekhtay hai kab tak

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