1. Dale Norman says

    Knew about the cakes. Didn't know about Firefox 7, lol.

  2. Scott Hill says

    That is an interesting piece of trivia. I didn't know that!

  3. Allen Firstenberg says

    It used to be a whole cake, but now that Mozilla has upped the version number for even not-so-major releases, its been downgraded to a cupcake.

  4. Brian White says

    I wonder if they'll keep it up with FF on a 5-6 week release schedule.

  5. Jef Kazimer says

    Do they send something to Chrome developers too? Opera? I smell someone has a favorite! 🙂

  6. Dmitri Solomon says

    Aw, that's a pretty cool tradition.

  7. Wug Fresh says

    You just double informed me. Thanks. Now I want cake, and FF7 source code.

  8. Bill McCurdy says

    The only problem is it comes frozen

  9. Joel Bowen says

    "Should we eat it?" – "I wouldn't trust it, it'll probably come with more additives inside than your body should realistically handle."

  10. Andrew Kovacic says

    Eating that would prolly just give you gas !! Ms would just call that a feature !!

  11. abbas totah says

    hahahah Microsoft playing but i like this

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