1. Danny Robertson says


  2. Stacy S says

    I have about 3/5ths of those in storage.

  3. Terry Beard says

    This. Is. Awesome!!

  4. Jennifer Barr says

    Very organized

  5. Amanda Blain says

    Inspiration of this post to +Ryan Crowe (for future wife posts) and +Warren Stanley (for sharing this picture somewhere)

  6. Marc Jansen says

    Oh, my! I think a half-million guys just started working up the nerve to make marriage proposals to you, +Amanda Blain!

  7. Michael-Forest M. says

    Wow. I'm impressed.

  8. Nicholas H says


  9. Rob McConnell says

    yes dear.

  10. William Schrimsher says

    Will you marry me?

  11. yesenia duendesilla says

  12. Eric Lucas says

    OMG…. can I just hang out like -forever?

  13. Amanda Blain says

    Bring on the geek marriage proposals +Marc Jansen 🙂

  14. Jon Pederson says

    The right man will gaze on this room and hear angelic choirs singing. And I imagine there's a big population that would meet that qualification. 🙂

  15. Elaine Lindsay says

    OMG +Amanda Blain that looks awesome!

  16. Rob Michael says

    +Amanda Blain OK. …but my side of the closet stays mine.

  17. Angie G. says

    Want to life there

  18. Tex Mitchell says

    +Eric Lucas word.

  19. Marc Jansen says


  20. John Kirk Saddler says

    That made me drool.

  21. chris bellido says

    I bow at your greatness 🙂

  22. Eric Cordeiro says

    +Amanda Blain And why not? lol

  23. Farran Lee says

    Seriously though, if you want a hassle-free husband, I'd rather be Canadian and have this in the living room than be American and not.

  24. Farran Lee says

    that was a proposal

  25. Emmett Lollis says

    I swore off marriage after my ex but I can make an exception.

  26. Greg Cadmes says

    Nice! He's missing Intellivision. 😛

    Although I'm confused as to why there are wires visible. If you go to all the trouble of installing consoled-cubes with little lights, might as well hide the wires in the wall… no?

  27. Christian Rheinnecker says

    Wow wonderful OPM says the Wrong one The Heaven is no Halfpipe is'nt it the Heaven is a game Room !!!

  28. Ahmed Faid says

    very nice i hope i saved them so i can do that 🙂

  29. Chris Aultman says

    Looks like my living room, minus my Ataris.

  30. Mahei Foliaki says

    hahaha! now thats serious +Amanda Blain 😉

  31. Richard Hackney says

    Quality !!!

  32. Mike Swisher says

    As long as there's room for my dog! 🙂

  33. Nicolai Imset says

    +andrew watkins I am sure +Amanda Blain wants someone that can spell his own name….

  34. James Dotson says

    my dream room!

  35. James Ehni says

    +Amanda Blain not only would I help you do this….

    I would help you do this.

  36. Amanda Blain says

    Agreed +Greg Cadmes My room will obviously up the level.. to wifi and invisible in wall cabling 🙂

  37. Al Ayo says


  38. Chay Wilson says

    wow awesome

  39. Jimmy Welsh says

    so boss

  40. Trina Fallon says

    I have half of these consoles and have been trying to figure out a way to display them. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Rupert Wood says

    Geez Amanda, how do you keep up with the number of comments you get and manage to respond! My input here is the TV looks a little small, and a bigger one would be needed for my future wife 😉

  42. Pedro William Abreu L. says

    i love this

  43. Chris Powell says

    Awesome! My only suggestion would be to add sliding covers or doors to that cabinet/shelving because the sight of all of those systems might be too much of a distraction (especially with the cubbies lined in red). 😉

  44. Jose Ramos says

    A dream come true!

  45. Danny Cadieux says


  46. Edes Mase says


  47. Jacob Myer says


  48. Max Roald Eckardt says

    U rock!

  49. roberto sebilla says

    May I suggest a "Him and Her" displays?

  50. Ken Watson says

    Drooling at the mouth, but agree with +Rupert Wood the TV looks a little small…Need bigger!

  51. Ronald Czik says

    The TV is way too small.

  52. Ronald Czik says

    Need to go with a projector.

  53. Frank Berger says

    You should definitely go with the suitor who wants this as his living room.

  54. Elijah Gonzalez says

    Jesus, Mary, Joseph +Amanda Blain that's quite a feat you have there. I gravel before you!

  55. Christopher Banos says

    Marry me

  56. Roland Williams says

    this is so awsome!!!!

  57. kael Matteson says

    When a robber robs your house he will have options

  58. Thomas Andersson says

    Sweet 🙂

  59. Donte Jones says

    nice setup u are ps3 fan

  60. Tristan Daniel says

    You ma'dam are a inspiration to gamers everywhere!

  61. Amanda Blain says

    +Rupert Wood somedays i have no idea…. 🙂

    Yes.. Tv is small.. and likely by the time i get married.. we will have super advanced projecting 3d magic tvs or… holodecks 🙂

  62. Frank Berger says

    Tv: half of the consoles won't play well with this tv anyway.

  63. Kai Wen Franklin says

    Wow…you are AWESOME!! You are going to make some guy a very happy person. Can't wait til Wal-Mart starts selling girls like you. I'm going to get two. Just in case one of you break. 🙂

  64. ryan maclaughlin says


  65. Rocky Wiesman says

    omg thats a room right there wooooo

  66. Ali Saeed says

    This is sick! (Of course, I mean that in a good way :))

  67. Robert Misner says

    It just seems so inefficient. Is there any way to take them all apart and combine them into one case? Have a "super console" that combines the functionality of every single one? Save space, and stuff.

  68. Josh Young says

    I must have it! Someone has actually put pure awesomeness into a physical form!

  69. Silvia Diaz says

    I think you just found your future "hubby" with this picture 🙂

  70. Rupert Wood says

    lol roll on the holodecks! 😉

  71. kael Matteson says

    I'm only 10

  72. Danny Bazan says


  73. Trevor M says

    I would never see the light of day ever ever again….

  74. Danny Bazan says

    MINE! MINE!! lol

  75. Líz Eberhardt says

    That's quite the set-up!

  76. Jacob LaCroix says

    that is an impressive collection

  77. Danny Bazan says

    My precious

  78. Samuel Zachos says

    Dear Future Wife:


  79. kael Matteson says

    I need those consoles

  80. Ken Reynolds says

    There's so much awesome there that I am simply, speechlessly in love. Do want now!

  81. Justin Dean says


  82. antony travis says


  83. Alan Austin says

    That poor PS3 doesn't get to hang out with all his friends.

  84. Marlene Marcou says

    thats a sweet game room. I wish I had that

  85. Amanda Blain says

    This is not my room.. 🙂 yet and i like all the consoles and Pcs and video games…. 🙂 Currently i am attempting to finish.. Fallout: New Vegas on XboX….. now you know

  86. Pedro Fermin says


  87. juan magno says


  88. tyler gates says


  89. Nata m says


  90. Terrence Lui says

    +Amanda Blain , I actually just finished Fallout: New Vegas on the PS3. Was better than I thought it would be but I enjoyed Fallout 3 more.

  91. Fayaz Zakariya says

    simply wow… i want that..

  92. liliana nunez says

    Love that room. its a die 4!!! 😉

  93. Kitsune Hazard says

    Holy hell…that is a nice set up if I must say so…ours here isn't as spiffy but we do have the 360, Dreamcast, N64, Wii, PS2 and Xbox on a little shelf with games just under our TV.

  94. Bluntson McDekington says

    Do we have to get married?

  95. Nick Erickson says

    words… they have escaped me…

  96. Josue Lozano says

    No te mames

  97. Bryan Davis says

    There goes "me" time.

  98. Lee Wright says

    wow im sold that is the coolest/ hottest thing i have ever seen!

  99. Millad Osman says

    nice….i want to marry u so baaaad..

  100. Jim Shields says


  101. Lucas Speer says

    SEEMS LIKE TAT PERSON HAS A LOTA VIDEO GAMES.=!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Mathew Mix says

    I understand completely. I'll start planning the wedding now.

  103. Raphael Tran says

    man that is a paradise……

  104. John Smith says

    +Amanda Blain Not in the bedroom for sure, too sacred there…the living room is for playing those consoles….the bedroom is for playing the….well you know what I mean,,…lol

  105. Iker Marquez says

    What an amazing woman! Twice the X Chromosomes yet an appreciation for cable management, quite a catch. Cheers!

  106. Scott Ransons says

    that is the coolest thing ever!

  107. Ray Ray says

    +Amanda Blain what are you willing to give up?

  108. Javier Lopez says

    Well with all those consoles your bound to some marriage proposals lol????

  109. SACHIN JHA says

    hw r u

  110. Duncan Hambley says

    I bet you don't have enough plugs for all those. Possibly the most overloaded plug socket in the world is concealed behind this impressive display. I'll still marry you though. If you don't watch x factor that is.

  111. Andrew wood says

    OMG I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. David Peters says

    The only problem I have with this is deciding which console top play. Totally fantastic!

  113. bobby daughtry says


  114. william mulholland says

    She got it all

  115. Ed Luke says

    Why does my wife not think like this?

  116. Mark Gillespie says

    +Alan Austin Obviously the PS3 is the only one actually being used constantly…. The rest are simply for show (or in the case of the Xbox360, most likely non-functional)

  117. kory whitfield says


  118. Lawrence Sayles says

    I think you will need a bigger wal for all that jazzy stuff. be the man to set up all that gear you got a dunka dunk in your trunk for all that junk. shake what your momma gave ya''lol..

  119. Wayne Liddy says

    It is great

  120. Antonio Hardin says

    OMG.O.S.H she has all the classics

  121. Deyond Rucker says

    Only one thing I would change… Monitor has to be larger! Other than that it's perfect.

  122. Andrew Padilla says

    I'll take those!

  123. Robert Webster says

    There is a Turbografix system in there! Yes!

    But there isn't a CD-ROM attachment, or the Turbo-Duo in there.

    Damn… got my hopes up and everything… 🙁


  124. MarinoNokia Palaš says


  125. Dulodulo kulture says

    hahah will see about that..

  126. Gage Lankford says


  127. Jeff Whitesell says

    this is a dream come true, there is hope for the world after all

  128. Matt Haynes says

    Easy to see why you have not met him yet. You need to get out more 😉

  129. Nobilangelo Ceramalus says

    Why go for the husband? Just go for the gear. The poor guy will only get your attention by appearing on your screen, so he might as well be only virtual…. 😉

  130. Fabio Sousa says

    that's pretty cool! but I would run away ASAP from you +Amanda Blain

  131. Seth Taylor says

    The Game Lab – PC Battlefield 2/2142/EA Sports Collection/Hoyle Casino/Combat Arms – Nintendo GameCube/Ps2/ColecoVision.chachachow. where's the PCs? I'm headed to broadband multiplayer and LANs oh my…

  132. David Feltner says

    where is the 32x, and the sega cd?

  133. Ryan Mahady says

    That's dope!!

  134. vincen king says

    thats awesome

  135. Nomeneta Saili says

    Is the x360 out for repairs?. lol!. I don't see an Atrari which was my first console. Otherwise. WoW

  136. Rebecca Schofield says

    Um… Awesome. +1 indeed.

  137. Brent Hayson says

    that is pretty cool

  138. Steven Zussino says

    Wow! That is all I will say – is there a list of what consoles are there? How do they change consoles?

  139. Enrique Martinez says

    wow !! this is like going back into time

  140. Robert Brewer says

    im in love

  141. jommin ingo says

    its my room pic heheheheheh…LoL

  142. Dev Bhalerao says

    dear future wife i understand feeling & my future home for u…………..

  143. Sean Godinez says

    XD haha but seriously I WANT THAT ROOM!!! lol i LOVE video games!!! that would be the perfect game room 😀

  144. easy doesit says

    my dreams have come true… 😉

  145. Muhammad azam King says

    Good luck

  146. eduardo ortiz says

    joder este si es un adicto alos videos juegos tiene un grn problema

  147. Martin Bazzoni says

    a Dream…..

  148. John Sfire says

    mother of god

  149. Jawad Mrabti says

    are all the devices connected? neat job though!

  150. Norris Lib says

    IMPRESSIVE! Changing the input on the TV can be done with an A/V switcher (likely someone who is this dedicated to their console collection would have had one custom built for as many inputs that are needed).

  151. Eric Lucas says

    Wait. I do not see a Turbo Duo in there.

  152. Jayden Reynolds says

    <PC gamer>
    But where's your actual set up?

  153. nick wheeler says

    @nickwheeler66 ill follow back

  154. René Klumpp says

    Maybe we should meet? 😉

  155. wei zheng says

    No1. !

  156. Josh Hoffman says

    thats just awesome

  157. Lucia LoBue says

    spoiled bitch

  158. joseph frankovich says

    Way to bring the love back to square one!

  159. Jack Mullaney says

    i need thatB-) im a mad gamer 10 third prestige

  160. Steven Parker says

    Omg this is the absolute best..hands down

  161. Jack Mullaney says

    on mw3

  162. David Hall says


  163. justin e tilton says


  164. robert ambriz says

    I think I just fell in love with you Amanda 🙂 lol

  165. Michael Quigley says

    go out with me please

  166. robert ambriz says

    Btw what kind a ring would you like so would put a ring on it 🙂

  167. Kevin Parsells says


  168. Jerry Meaders says

    Very nice lol I probably own two consoles out of all that……… Cost a pretty Pennie eh?

  169. Byron Higdon says

    OMG there is heaven on earth:D

  170. Markus Millan says

    That pretty cool

  171. Seval Gunes says

    If he just plays video games all the time, would he have any time left over for you?
    Be careful what you ask for.

  172. Talal Alowaibdi says

    Just keep going to achieve your Dreams

  173. Sean J. says

    So my number is 555…

  174. rovin sha says

    Very nice

  175. Jake Martin says

    #geeks & #gamers for the win!

  176. jonathan hlekisana says


  177. Jared Snodgrass says

    holy cow

  178. Kendall Nunez says


  179. Donte Jones says

    ps3 online anyone

  180. xavier ortiz says

    I seen more but thats cool

  181. Brandon Cranfield says

    Holy Game Set Batman! I think i might just have a "game-gasm!"

  182. Ivan Yudhi says

    it's so beautiful..

  183. Mark-Anthony Aaron says

    I'll marry you! No prenup right? Lol

  184. Randy Newton says

    I can live with that

  185. Philippe-A. Forget says

    Looks like my living room XD

  186. Kevin B says

    Got game?

  187. matthew shin says

    damn your so lucky

  188. Norbert de Rooy says

    WOW, +Pepijn Damen didn't know you posted your room online.

  189. Jose Rodriguez says

    menudo museo tecnologico…jojojojoj

  190. Esté Tigele says

    If you´re jelly and you know it clap your hands clap, clap

  191. Steven Gregory says


  192. Peter Hoffman says

    It needs a virtual boy in the corner.

  193. Matthew Murphy says

    I WANT IT!

  194. hasan zaveri says

    Is it

  195. Michael O. Zimmermann says

    Amanda, you're nuts, 😉 but pretty good looking! Do you possess a mirror and a scale (for good measure(s))? haha

  196. Tony Russell says

    Thats what im talking about!

  197. Hannah Belle says

    This is awesome i wish my room looked like this

  198. Ryan Rodgers says

    Now thats a display case.

  199. Jim L says

    OOOhhh you were SHOWING not GIVING….lol

  200. Andréa Fontenot says


  201. alex reyes says


  202. Sebie Hill says


  203. Matt Sirrine says

    drools out a river and look, the PS3 is at the top (:

  204. Mogahed Algahim says

    Wooooooooow nice I like that

  205. Ruben Rivera says

    thats cute

  206. Ed Hankin says

    No room for growth.

  207. Troid Bundy says


  208. S Wiguna says

    Great ! Let's get married,, 😀

  209. dlovan bakhtiar says


  210. Bartosz Kulicki says

    Need new I/O switch

  211. Harol Mauricio Gamez Alban says


  212. Jeff Le Gall says

    marry me

  213. ????????? ?????? says

    Wow so many

  214. James Cannon says

    Epic! A man with common sense & brains ,should care to understand you !

  215. Mohamed Algherbal says


  216. Danny Soto says

    way cool!!!

  217. ed b says

    jaw drop a……….mazing

  218. Kevin Hughes says


  219. Mario Lozano Sánchez says


  220. Abel Mengistu says


  221. Phillip Campbell says

    thats crazy amanda but i like come to jmaica i will married u lol

  222. Nathan Olid Picadilly says

    this gal deserves a medal. >.<

  223. Dustin Jones says

    I can't even imagine the clusterfucked shit-storm of cables,plugs, and wires behind that case.

  224. Dustin Jones says

    Also, where's the Dreamcast?

  225. Patrick Michalek says

    I'd recommend a long vacation away from the "Wall of Consoles." 0)

  226. That is just pure awesomeness 😀

  227. Adam De La Torre says

    Amanda, you can have anything you want, looking that beautiful.

  228. miguel mesias-acosta says

    Why does it have to be "Amanda's " room and not " our "room?

  229. James Liranzo says

    This is the perfect room.

  230. James Ehni says

    +Dustin Jones is that not it on the bottom most left slot?

  231. James Wallace says


  232. Mac Davis says

    <3 it

  233. Tony Urquides says

    For some things there are no words. For this, "Freakin' Sweet!!!" will have to suffice.

  234. Susan Jaramillo says

    My son would love this.

  235. Mitchell Gregory says

    How much?

  236. Luissa Johnston says

    That just looks beautiful!!! Love it!

  237. madi schallenkamp says

    Whoa just whoa

  238. Jason Bellew says

    I have a feeling future husband loves your geekcred.

  239. Frank Merchant says

    Miss Blain I think I shall worship you now.

  240. james Blanchard says

    that is a sick ass room

  241. Frank XG says

    you can have them after I play or be player 2, and a rule, nobody deletes other's save data lol

  242. Igor Guarisma says

    Where do I sign? <3 xD

  243. matthew solis says


  244. Tae Oh says

    My future wife would also have to understand the same; or just let me have a mancave with one of those 70" LEDs and all the consoles/games and she can have the living room/bedroom.

  245. Bryan Colbert says

    Fucking awesome! It's like the jars of famous peoples heads in Futurama, but with gaming instead!

  246. Alfonso Miranda says


  247. Michael Griffith says

    You should marry me 🙂

  248. Andrew Tascarella says

    thats just sick!

  249. Cameron Silva says

    queue up the Lonely Island's jizz in my pants song.

  250. Terrence Wormack says

    You should have a seminar and invite the wives of gamers all over to come and learn from you… I would PAY for my wife to go to your seminar if you could talk her into allowing our living room to look like this.

  251. Brittany Kutchera says

    hey cool!! I wish that I had that!!!! BAD!!!!!

  252. Bobby McGee says

    omg…you found me!

  253. Andrew Johnston says

    i want all that stuff

  254. Richard Goodbrand says

    Thats a picture of my games room… But with different wallpaper and a smaller TV

  255. Manny Brum says

    That's so wrong. Each console deserves its own TV. Unless you like wire swapping or remembering the proper sequence in video switch daisy chains, that is.

  256. Marc Armstead says

    Exactly what I've dreamed about!!

  257. Bob Connor says

    Good to know others collect game consoles too! 🙂

  258. Keel NumberSix says

    That is fantastic

  259. Greg Malinao says


  260. justin gallegos says

    straight up missing Sega Master Systems. Ya blew it.

  261. Trey Stevens says

    i love video games there awesome i like killing games

  262. Drew Coel says

    Why would you do that if you don't have a hubby yet?

  263. Thomas Newman says

    I frackin love it!

  264. Grayson Dyess says

    Splitscreen gaming FTW!

  265. Kellie Burrell says

    Wow, awesome!

  266. Trey Stevens says


  267. Joel Purvis says

    This guy wouldn't be marriage material, lest you starve to death for owning every worthwhile video game known to man.

  268. Nick Bauman says

    What, really low res?

  269. Andrew Shine says


  270. Tristen Hancock says

    wow, but i hav 3 more n64's 1 more sega genisis, an 4 more Neses then you, and my bacement has 5 tvs all wit at least 3 or my systems hooked to it

  271. Salvador melecio says


  272. leopold Chery says

    nice room

  273. Billy Barnes says

    Humbles me…..just sayin…

  274. lau nod says

    Wow! Now that is an entertainment center!

  275. Super ;-D

  276. Frank Marte Jr says

    That's bad ass 🙂

  277. arnanst fuang says

    so cool 🙂

  278. Alex Ferrero says

    awe. some.

  279. Vito Marchino says

    and i thought i had a lot of video games. :0

  280. brandon trice says

    dang thats a lot of games . i wish my brother had that.

  281. Michael Deem says

    Yea but for free

  282. Tanner Shelton says

    Ah! There is no place for the Wii U!!

  283. Steve Cox says

    this photo is making me emotional

  284. BJ Prince says

    This setup… impressive. This setup from a chick…. REALLY impressive. Well done.

  285. Zolani Fundakubi says

    like reading neh

  286. Hossain Mostaghim says

    You are going to make some guy disgustingly happy.

  287. eddie correa says

    This is great.

  288. Jena Chanaa says

    oh mama

  289. derek wise says

    damn sun

  290. Evan Cordova says


  291. mario cruz says

    i wish you meany achievements AND OR trophies with this ..Cadillac of MEN.

  292. Christian Leon says

    Lucky guy who marries you. So many shiny game stations.

  293. Graham Webb says

    Dang thast is sweet

  294. George Fuentes says

    Looks like my dream room

  295. Dakota Burris says


  296. Elia Martin says

    You sure do want a lot.

  297. Vabi Suth says

    omg! thats like sick!

  298. Nino Frkanec says

    That is AWESOME! I've really been considering picking up an NES and a couple of games recently. A super nintendo would be cool to have as well. Maybe a Nintendo64, while I'm at it…

  299. Tommy Barszcz says

    Pretty awesome.

  300. James Quigley says

    Props to you!

  301. Hebert Caballero says

    girl, you are going to break a zillion hearts after that post!!!

  302. Michael Humphrey says

    Why is there a picture of my bedroom on the Internet?

  303. Laird Popkin says

    Hah! He doesn't have a Vectrex! I win! 🙂

  304. Dino Pintzopoulos says

    wow i am surprised nobody has tried to label them all. and i don't think i see a 360 there. i see the atari on the top shelf 3rd from the left

  305. Gregory Davis says


  306. Jake nelson says

    that bad a** gamer girl i love to game to do u have xbox live

  307. Ernest Szots says

    zomg pure awesome

  308. Neal Rollins says

    This is very funny … Need wife with understanding

  309. Donell Giffei says

    Ok! what does the bedroom look like !! LOL

  310. Eric Lucas says

    Well we start of by getting to know each other – over at your pad. We can take it slow by starting on 8-bit game consoles take it from there. :). My wedding vow: "press start"

  311. Vincent Vernay says

    and i jizzed in my pants.

  312. Chuck Norris says

    That is too cool. I don't have all of them… yet, but I'm getting close!

  313. Lorna Pratt says

    Great idea..love it

  314. Bobby Ward says

    Looks kinda like a pastry shoppe

  315. Gregg Mink says

    if you were my wife I could live with that 🙂

  316. Giovanny Martinez says

    Love it!!

  317. Demal Brown says

    that is my idea of an entertainment room

  318. Adil Kamal says

    Wow your future husband will be a very lucky man.

  319. Forrest Hopkins says


  320. Raymond Schalk says

    Thgis is the definition of a nerd

  321. Jeremy Skaggs says

    All I gotta say is DREAM GIRL……..

  322. Frank Love says


  323. jeremy mahon says

    thats heeps

  324. Geoffrey Neameyer says

    A women after my own heart

  325. Chad Reed says

    To Cool

  326. Fred Rio says

    AHHH! CHUCK NORRIS!…thats a-freakin-mazing

  327. Sid Nileshwar says

    All of the men of this world now love you

  328. Ricardo Santos says


  329. Gabriel Feinn says

    WWWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWW that is soooo cool…the question is how much did that cost?

  330. Scott Molloy says

    I just found my new desktop wallpaper for home, office, tablet and phone!

  331. Eric Hunter says

    where did you get that shelf

  332. Ian Campbell says

    Wow, you are organised!

  333. Darelle Barnum says


  334. Nick Vallely says

    Clearly the guy didn't plan for the future, where are the empty slots for the next couple of console's?

  335. Eric Estes says

    Easier to build a PC running MAME with 60+GB of ROMs and it'll take up much less space.

  336. Hic Hab says

    Really nice room,,love it

  337. Frans Keylard says

    It even has an Atari Jaguar!

  338. Katherine Stikkelman says


  339. Carlos Lopez says

    Soon, my room will look like this 😀

  340. Ildar T says

    WOW and WOW

  341. Lucca Dimitroff says

    0_0 YES!!!!!

  342. Sevon Thomas says

    hi we can meet later but get married now can i have the consoles now

  343. yigal aharon says

    Ill Marry you 🙂

  344. Gigaloluwa Ilori says

    Lol…Lovely, My future wife needs to understand that the living room will look like this

  345. Antoine Adams says

    I need one of those shelves myself. I have all of those systems.

  346. Solomon Watts says

    Uhhh…What were you doing in my room?

  347. randrand run says


  348. Ryan Ruckley says

    Are they all actually patched or just sitting there on display?

  349. Tyler Newberry says

    Needs more.

  350. Lamar McCormick says

    This made me tingle in the right places, my thumbs.

  351. Aaron Boggs says

    omg i whant this room


    I want a room to look like that

  353. Tom Harris says

    Wow, wish that was my living room

  354. Raven Bolt says

    OMG! thats goin 2 b my next

  355. ShiAnn Fiebiger says

    Wow O.O

  356. Kevin Whaley says

    that is so hype

  357. Kyle Wuchter says

    i wish my room looked like that but there are still some things i see that are missing that she needs 🙂 psp r32 attachment for the sega the old portable sega the first made few other little things its and awesome collection 🙂 some guy would be lucky esp if he's a big gamer

  358. Rajesh Maharaj says

    that is so cool i want that

  359. Devon Do says

    Lol! Nice!

  360. Andrew Varh says

    That would be one helluva man cave.

  361. omar lara says

    wow my favorite is ps3 black ops 🙂

  362. Steve Liebelt says

    its also someone that has no real life "whatsoever", lol

  363. Jennifer Mozingo says

    Awesome !!!

  364. Chaps Pop says

    i suppose

  365. Ben Lynch says


  366. John Mc Grath says

    wow, amazing,

  367. Kt Kalvig says

    that's a wast of time

  368. Ian Netto says

    I just heard the sound of a choir while looking at this room.

  369. Aamir hasan says


  370. Nick Messina says

    You are super lucky you got all that

  371. Cesar Aguiar says

    My dream room!

  372. Lucas Willis says

    Marry me?

  373. rudy carmona says

    Best Wife Ever Lol.!

  374. Hunter Thompson says

    very cool

  375. Himanshu Khandelwal says

    How am I the first one to point out that you stole it from reddit

  376. Michael Quiroz says

    His sound system is garbage. Thats a fail in my book.

    Game on.

  377. Serafin Roldan says

    Looks like a thrift store.????

  378. Vy Bourin says

    I think so

  379. Meribah Fapiano says

    I like the look of that.games,and more games….

  380. Jon Foose says

    I cant name half of those systems, but i want them all!

  381. Robert Laracuente says

    Wow… I feel like I love you already!!

  382. Alan McConnell says

    Makes my man cave look decidely bare…. please come help me! Loooooooooooove it!

  383. Capt. Dave Sipler says

    That's similar, but different than my 2 fishing tackle rooms.
    Although I don't know what all that stuff is.

  384. Rick Von says

    Hmm single. what no cats. or are they in room # 2 the dirty room.

  385. Noah Batten says


  386. Melvin Agrazal says

    Wow, this is so bad ass

  387. John Smith says

    sup im kellen but call me renz or kellen.

  388. John Smith says

    u r so friken lucky with all that stuff

  389. Dain Sicklesteel says


  390. Rodrigo García Amido says

    Its like a dream coming true :O

  391. Roberto Benitez says

    Oh you flirt

  392. Matthew Mancktelow says

    I am in love. What a women.

  393. Tobi Eboda says


  394. Julianne Andreades says

    Wow, just wow

  395. Peter Wang says

    I have never seen so many freedom-infringing electronic devices in one place…

  396. Van Lambie says


  397. Ken Eaves says


  398. Satya Viswanathan says

    I truly madly deeply love you. will you marry me ?

  399. Jose Andres De Abreu says

    +Anto Q agarra alli pues

  400. Michael Nelson says

    Some how I still expect to hear…"I'm bored" from one of my kids…even if I purchased all those systems for them. 🙂

  401. Yansel Herrera says


  402. Tom White says

    On the wall behind the camera is a matching set of shelves with all the controllers.

  403. Kyran Butler says


  404. Melody Shugrue says

    Oh sweet heaven…

  405. Manuel Andrada says

    I think I just heard angels singing! 😛

  406. Daniel King says

    what's work? this is a job all by itself.

  407. Joseph Jackson says

    I want the entertainment center its bad assa

  408. Jacob Akerley says

    I want that!

  409. Aaron Hutsell says

    Only problem i see is that's only a 55"….

  410. Ben Dombroske says

    That's an amazing room but I can't find the Xbox 360

  411. Luis Figueroa says

    Where are the empty pizza boxes?

  412. jose david says


  413. Sebastian Vasquez says

    That looks like my garage ????

  414. Allen Hildebrandt says

    I'm mildly disappointed. Shouldn't your room also have a standing Galaga Arcade machine?

  415. Mark Grgurich says

    That is really cool. My study will look like this by the weekend. Thanks Amanda!

  416. Ayah Kutmah says

    lol really

  417. John Crist says

    Dear Future Wife Whom I Have Not Met,
    I hope you understand that I totally support either 1) the living room or 2) "Amanda's Room" looking like this.

  418. Adam Wayne Gistarb says



  420. Ernesto Morales says

    that good old nostalgic feeling… Mega Man then Castlevania.

  421. Gary Cameron says

    If you want to see a house that tops that go to Brantford:


    I've been there, and yes, it is a real house turned into a PC and game museum with just about every console and game all the way back to the early 8 bit days.

  422. D Canty says

    From the looks of it, you have the games to play with. Even my kids love the retro games more than the newer ones.

  423. Byung Dae Justin Kim says

    Huh? Is this a new section in Smithsonian?

  424. Billy Burton says

    Will you marry me? LOL.

  425. Lexi Reno says


  426. Ernest AMOAKO ATTA says

    this is great collection

  427. Mirko Giorgetta says


  428. Nano Uhe says

    gets down on one knee I see that your Genesis is missing a 32x +Amanda Blane, Let me fill the hole in your heart. offers 32x as if it were a ring

  429. Tanner Dosier says

    Dear person that owns this room… i would be happy to take those consoles and games off of your hands 🙂

  430. robert thompson says


  431. Elvis Narayan says

    Get a life

  432. Corey Belles says

    Brings a tear to my eye. It's just so beautiful.

  433. Cameron Skon says

    Lol that's cool

  434. pierella bringula says


  435. Allen Damiani says

    Awesome, never seen anything like it!

  436. William Adams says


  437. Michael Jimenez says

    You are too cool for having all of these systems. I think I love you……

  438. Amanda Blain says

    You spelled my name wrong +Nano Uhe .. not a good start for a husband.. 🙂

  439. Deja Benford says

    hahaha lol!

  440. William Justin says

    I'd vote for setting it up in the living room

  441. Sam Singh says

    Hay goin …

  442. Aden Giardini says

    I have about 4/5 of these and there all awesome. Nice job!!!

  443. Ian Kuzma says

    Dear future wife,
    We will need a second PS3 to play against eachother online

  444. thomas housh says

    cooool daddy need"s

  445. Daves Williams says

    That is my dream room!!!!!

  446. Jake Joshua says

    marry me!!!

  447. Jerry Wilcox says

    Hey that's my living room.. when did you take that picture.

  448. hendra sitanggang says

    do you have ps4 now … ?

  449. sakusakusakura nyo says

    I do.

  450. Mike G says

    Not surprised that this post has the most +'s in the stream!

  451. Nicole Reynolds says

    It's my dream game room!

  452. Brian Asovale says

    I like you Amanda..lol..!

  453. Mark Gamez says

    damb thats sexy is u rich!!??

  454. Ramki Kazhiyur-Mannar says

    You just became the dream girl of hundreds of eligible men 😉

  455. herbi ebi says


  456. Ken Humble says

    Looks like your missing the sega CD

  457. Andres Sandoval says

    Very good!

  458. Matthew Luchessi says

    Dayum gamecube nintendo 360 and playstation WOW

  459. Emerson Hines Cuza says


  460. Moe Chrolands says

    wow nice place

  461. Shaun Orwell says

    Rockin' the NES, rockin' the PS1.

    I have respect.

  462. Nathan Thurmond says

    i bet u have every game on each system

  463. Chris Hayes says


  464. Jerrod Szell says

    ive got an old nintendo nes with some games, everything works u lookin to start the collection?

  465. TheSupermario fan says

    o my god that is the best than i EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!

  466. Marc Graham says


  467. Klaus Sengenberger says

    this must be nirvana

  468. Isiah Macklin says

    I look her to

  469. Corey Brown says


  470. Aristotle Bancale says

    Here's the rest of the game room photos.

  471. Garvin Andel Alanzo Harris says

    Wow" am I the one? Future husband, "I DO" speechless!

  472. Bernaert Bantolino says

    Very Impressive!!!

  473. Ian Bott says

    999th person to "1+" this post… teehee! nest person gets the 1000th!!!

  474. tommy pamz says

    wow nice 🙂

  475. Joshua Krause says


  476. Tariq Dwekat says

    i think i found a nother girl gamer theres alot these days

  477. Storm Yamato says

    oh my frekkin god this is Epicc!!

  478. Kyle Songer says

    Impressive. I am sold.

  479. Isiah Hankins says

    I just need a 360 and 'm happy.

  480. Elijah Mosby says

    wow thts a big house

  481. jeramie ward says

    amazing but i may have someone who can beat that atari jag in factory box. very nice collection tho. A mans dream you are

  482. Steven Hodge says


  483. Preston Brantmeyer says


  484. Rhajimas Holmes says


  485. RD Calma says

    Wow! I am sooo turned on right now.

  486. Daniel Shin says


  487. Carlos Ponce says

    hahaha,, damn good.

  488. Drew Shollmier says

    My kinda woman.

  489. erica shamshak says

    i that all the games or is there more?( there is more i now is)

  490. Juny Mntalvo says


  491. Jon Tomes says

    Omg epic!!!!!!!! Looks like my room already!

  492. Gerald R says

    Mine is close. But this is awesomesauce.

  493. Jeremy Bressler says

    Love it!

  494. Jeremy Howard says

    wow how much money and time do u need to do something t
    like that

  495. Ruben Gonzalez says

    That is so cool!!!! Where are the portable systems? Like Nintendo Gameboy, PSP and Nintendo DS?

  496. Victor Roman says


  497. James Ward says

    this gave me wood

  498. Amir Elremely says

    WTF ….. i think no one has time even to say each name of these devices 😛

  499. Craig Wickson says

    OH SNAP! that seems legit!

  500. Brendan Bocovich says

    wow. its amazing no one has broken in and stole all that stuff yet

  501. Tim Baker says

    Hence many men began beating a path to Amanda's door 😉

  502. Dave Wotherspoon says

    Marry me

  503. Allan Portades says

    We're not worthy!!!

  504. Rich Manq says

    i love u.

  505. chintu dc says


  506. DeQuay Glascoe says

    I wouldn't mind if that was my bathroom

  507. Rob Farnan says

    That's a beautiful thing

  508. Shahik Baghdasian says

    Awesome job

  509. Brian Cusano says


  510. Very good but is just a collection or he played with all?
    I want to learn english, sorry if i put something bad, if you want to help me thanks


    no one accept more-than u. this is ur preference

  512. galib sarikaya says


  513. galib sarikaya says


  514. galib sarikaya says


  515. Granger Gibbs says

    thats is right it doesnt have a xbox!

  516. hasan zaveri says

    Hi I like it

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