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Be Excellent To Each Other

If only we could adopt that idea across the board....then we might have a future of cool dudes in dark sunglasses and neat outfits.#80s #billandted #movies   #inspiration  Google+: Reshared 4 times Google+: View post on Google+

Game Of Thrones Cake

Ok... Epic awesome. So was tonight episode... "The tide tunner" for those who have read the books.. you know what i mean.. :) Season is almost over!#gameofthrones #cake #foodReshared post from +Andy SowardsThis is easily the…

Game Of Thrones awesomness

Things are really getting good! I am goings to make a circle of people who have read the song of ice and fire books that would like to discuss the series openly (without risk of spoilers)... If you would like to be included in the limited…

Epic Simpson Game Of Thrones Opening

Tee hee... Simpsons rock..(found via +Mellie B who mentioned me to its awesomeness)Reshared post from +Esteban ContrerasThe Simpsons' Game of Thrones opening continues to make its way to YouTube.This will be taken down by Fox in a…