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Gummy Bear Rainbow

Nom nom nom... I love the colors in this!More from this Photographer - #food   #photography  Google+: Reshared 74 times Google+: View post on Google+


I will make these at some point. EVEN crispy black sugar edges.. Drool drool...Make them Here --> #food #baking  Google+: Reshared 385 times Google+: View post on Google+

Mornings Are Too Early

Sooo much running around to do today. Good Morning/Night/Afternoon G+#morning #coffee #inspirationGoogle+: Reshared 6 times Google+: View post on Google+

Game Of Thrones Cake

Ok... Epic awesome. So was tonight episode... "The tide tunner" for those who have read the books.. you know what i mean.. :) Season is almost over!#gameofthrones #cake #foodReshared post from +Andy SowardsThis is easily the…

I'll take a Potion of Healing Soda Please

Dungeons & Dragons Limited Edition Spellcasting Soda 6-pack :Coming in flavors Potion of Healing, Sneak Attack, Bigby's Crushing Thirst Destroyer, Illithid Brain Juice, Dwarven Draught and Eldritch BlastAlways wondered what Dwarven…