1. Ivan Raszl says

    Why? 🙂

  2. Elaine Horsley says

    Love it!

  3. Amanda Blain says

    If you must ask Why… you might be regular 🙂

  4. Pinky Doll says


  5. james Belfash says

    bold..is delicioust…desire

  6. Surendra babu says

    hi…very..funny…and proud…nice…

  7. Brian Aldrich says

    Go bold or go home!

  8. Lou Arguello says

    how about papyrus? 🙂

  9. Ahmed gallab says


  10. Ahmed gallab says


  11. margoth valenzuela paucar says

    hola amiga o mejor dicho hello frenchscreo k se escribe asi

  12. Nicolai Imset says

    Bold and italic?

  13. Gilbert Rizo says

    needs more comic sans

  14. Rafiqul Islam says

    "Regular" is the best way of life…

  15. Aaron Brown says

    Sorry I am underlined wingdings!

  16. Elchin Ismayilov says

    funny 🙂

  17. Rafiqul Islam says

    Everyone except Ahmed gallab wrote with "Regular" fonts…

  18. Isabelle Cardinal says

    Love it!! Bold and italic is the way to go!!! :))

  19. Jordan Gill says

    Sounds like a Good idea! Screw normal Letters!

  20. Christopher Wilcox says

    Hey Amanda! You're my dreamgirl. Just sayin'.

  21. Ravis Tasakorn says

    The true strength of regulars is number, and they will always be there.

  22. Arun Shroff says

    But when in Rome do as the (Times) Roman do…. 🙂 

  23. nathan reynolds says

    good one

  24. Divyesh Bhatia says

    I loved the timing of the statement. i have a match today and this is perfect statement for the team today. it's semi finals. thanks +Amanda Blain 

  25. Kevin Koo says

    No underline?

  26. Ravis Tasakorn says

    +Kevin Koo  lol Underline is even better than most, a people who lives behind the scene and take control !!!

  27. Deivis Guevara Balcázar says


  28. Kevin Koo says

    +Ravis Tasakorn you know it bro

  29. Maharini Chintya says

    i'm underlined 🙁

  30. Alam Habib says

    Good combination..

  31. Nobilangelo Ceramalus says

    Italic people run lean.

  32. Wheeler Weise says

    I wanna have an underline!  😀

  33. Praj ab says

    Bold and beautiful !

  34. William Willett says

    Good one Amanda. 

  35. Elise Ronae says

    Oh I SOOO gotta share this! For years I've described myself by saying I "live life in italics". It often annoys me when the response is, "what does that mean?" 

    Really? I still embrace it, even if no one else understands it!

  36. Dhiraj Kadare says


  37. Md juwel Islam Shamim says


  38. Chamara Samaranayaka says

    ooooooo good

  39. Luis Rivas says

    If I am constantly going forward, does that mean am Italic or Bold? haha

  40. Fachmi Permadi says

    now that's an underline!

  41. Oshio Vick says

    boldness is the ability to stand or withstand a particular instant or situations

  42. hasan poulady says


  43. Sladjana Golubov says

    yeah! I agree

  44. Ahmad Maqsood says

    Its a good idea

  45. Nabe Ali says

    Like this

  46. Terry Wainwright says

    Yes I agree amanda, regular is boring anyway.

  47. Kapil Dev Kalindi says

    good Idea..

  48. Nhlanhla Shabalala says

    Nice one

  49. Rafiqul Islam says

    'Highlight' is not so bad. Also it looks very nice.

  50. louis allais says

    good Nice think to idea

  51. louis allais says


  52. Hector Hurtado says

    I hope the marketeers I work with don't read this. I will take it as a joke and carry on 😉

  53. Alan Keith Simpson says

    Actually, that should say "roman" not "regular," +Amanda Blain. I'm a retired editor lolz.

  54. Max Harper says


  55. Arpit Neema says


  56. Peter Robertson says

    I'm superscript, thanks for asking.

  57. Marco Zocca says

    Silvio Berlusconi is bold, italic and oh so regular. Forza Italic!

  58. Nkata Magalefa says


  59. Qasim Hussain says

    Lol cool post.. But what about the text style….Times New Roman 😉

  60. Stephen Messenger says

    My girlfriend's part italic. She makes the best pasta.

  61. Yuvraj Dubey says

    Some time try to be Underlined with Bold or Italic… 😉

  62. Siphiwe Tshabalala says

    Inspiring…. 🙂

  63. Yohane Nditi says

    ooh ma gash do you think gay marriage is supposed to be legal marriage. This is such an evil thing even animals are not involved in this stupid thing i can call it.

  64. Srikanta Singha says


  65. Augusto Gomes says

    What´s wrong with regular?

  66. john hingley says

    Nothing wrong with gay marriage – misery for all sexualitys

  67. Sebastian Larsen says


  68. Shiva Ram Baniya says

    Good morning just made my day. Lol.


    Nice one

  70. Mocher Permana says

    how about underline, strikethrough or.. freestyle? heuheuheu 😀

  71. Muhammad Waseem says


  72. Hamid Sohail says


  73. Praveen Kc says

    it's great words …..

  74. elif çimen says

    i am afraid i am bold

  75. Tanzil Haider says


  76. Pranish Rai says

    m proud to ur nyc words, u r great Amanda Blain

  77. Divyesh Bhatia says

    I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.

  78. Waheed Al Humaid says

    very nice , as brian go bold or go home 🙂

  79. Thabo Radiopane says


  80. PRINCE Paul says

    bold is sweet,

  81. Someswar Joshi says

    I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.

  82. JJ Roman Smid says

    bold wins

  83. Jacob Bautovic says

    Nice quote 

  84. Gaurang Goswami says

    i am interested in underline like u…..

  85. Jignesh Chavda says


  86. Brian Fitzsimons says

    I come from a long line of subtexts and I find this very offensive

  87. Tomi Tapio Kärkkäinen says

    Be metallic.

  88. Faraz ALi says


  89. John Oliver says

    Really? Can no-one here see the irony in this?

  90. erk da beast says

    How do you do that?

  91. ahmer ali says

    means change is must

  92. Muh Iksan says

    Yessss mis ?????????????Y?????O?????u?????

  93. Darren Duddle says

    Bold and Italic

  94. Sam Cooler says

    And always be on times.

  95. Batle Puncher says

    Very Great….

  96. Ramon Romero says

    I like it

  97. ifeyinwa nworah says

    bold is swet and i like it

  98. Sage Young says


  99. Jamaal Holman says

    ya its true

  100. Batle Puncher says


  101. Sathish british says


  102. Batle Puncher says


  103. SYED ALI SHAH says

    it's true,,,,

  104. hesennn ali says


  105. Swapnil Jagatap says

    ya– agree

  106. Raj Kumar says

    ok thik hai

  107. Varinder Dikh says

    first, be human…..

  108. Oleg Guchashvili says

    i.e be bold italic (say pizza and spaghetti lovers)  is best option?  😀

  109. Mark Bless says

    I choose Italic,… I think.

  110. Derren Lee Poole says

    Call me a type nerd, but italic is only a term that should be applied to serif typefaces. The correct term would be oblique for a sans serif type. Just saying…. 😉

  111. Michael Everton says


  112. Mpho Maitsapo says

    stiff meister production

  113. Pyrrho Ruan says

    I like it …

  114. Mpho Maitsapo says

    u do know stiff meister production

  115. Pathik Patel says

    Like it

  116. Nathan Weaver says


  117. Bheemraj Kumawat says

    i live you janu

  118. Shad Robbins says

    yeah that's right

  119. Mukesh Kumar says


  120. Simon Waddington says

    missing "and always sans comic sans".

  121. Saeed Al-Khalili says

    I wanna be underlined

  122. Er Em says

    Good thinking

  123. Sam Gabbusch says

    Being regular is important though, otherwise you get constipation!

  124. Azaz Ahmad says


  125. Indyan Minerva says


  126. Swamy Naicker says


  127. Tom Nathe says

    How about bold italic trebuchet?

  128. Tyson Horsewell says

    I'm helvetica neue bold italic 😛

  129. Prem Verma says

    Both ways has to be regularly done.

  130. Pragati Nagpal says

    nice one….. 🙂 🙂

  131. Tushar Sahu says

    after some time it will possib;le

  132. Daniel Monteiro says

    Regular guys finish best

  133. barry muhammed s says

    been regular can't make u to be best. but trust me been perfect can make u d best

  134. Aalia Khan says

    I'll just go with being myself… and that font is not yet defined by any terms used 😉

  135. Mohammad Jonaid says

    Lol!!! Yea i'm bold!! Or atleast thts wt i lik to thnk!!!

  136. Rakesh Purohit says


  137. Peter Hannan says

    I don't know whether I can claim to be Bold or Italic (or oblique for the sans serif types). I am quite possibly regular. 
    Just happy I'm NOT Gothic.

  138. Naseem Ulhaq says

    be bold , when u  know the  job ,  otherwise ……..?

  139. Carolyn Yoon says

    I think I'm more of a typewriter-ish font.

  140. PRINCE Paul says

    +Peter Hannan , YOU KNOW IT BETTER,
    I think am ITALIC by default (monotype corsiva) ..lol 

  141. Ramatosh Bhattacharjee says


  142. Sayed Sadaat says


  143. Adamu Ismaila says

    well that is true

  144. Avinash ghate says

    r u giving advice ?

  145. Neeraj Saini says

    oh !!!!!! extremely well…

  146. dinesh osthe says


  147. khalid hussain says

    hi dear

  148. Nwodu Tochi says

    Nice one

  149. Francesco Esposito says

    regular … suppose to be both of them ? ?

  150. Pat Louis says

    I'll agree. I'd rather stand out, than to fit in

  151. Richard Limon says


  152. Siddharth Singh says

    Whats ur font size (either bold or not)

  153. Zeeshan Ahmed says


  154. Sachin Sharda says

    wts ur bold and ital. figer no.

  155. shiv goyal says


  156. Alwin van Tiel says


  157. Brij mohan palampur says

    sahi kahaa…

  158. saino sokan says

    I want to known who is the nice one

  159. Harish Singh says


  160. James Mclachlan says


  161. Waqas Ahmed says


  162. nouman ali says


  163. Usama Hussein says

    me tallic

  164. katie turner says


  165. hira khan says

    i don't want to now ok because i know hahahahaha its a joke thanks

  166. Jatinder pal Singh says

    hello katie…..;)

  167. Jacinta Achuli says

    wats dat?

  168. katie turner says

    hello jatinder pal singh

  169. Joeyphol Delacruz says


  170. Jatinder pal Singh says

    how are you doing?

  171. Akshar Khare says


  172. Vivek Raj says

    else someone would strike through

  173. Awais Subhan says


  174. Lalith Premlal says


  175. Milan Aryal says


  176. Alireza Nabi says

    how about this

  177. Jeffrey Gipson says

    Whatever you are, SHOUT ALL THE TIME.

  178. Maddy Perennity says

    Being regular is good, especially on long road trips.

  179. Oshio Vick says

    ti b bold is the best

  180. Bobson Sesay says

    It's great to be bold

  181. john njenga says

    Why not regular

  182. Angel Mason says

    I'm comic sans ms

  183. Lindomar Lemes says

     oie ea e td ok ai
    en toronto

  184. Timothy Marshall says

    I hope your regular, if your not you might blow up, eat lot's bran.

  185. Eduardo Ramirez says

    That is awesome… 

  186. Oshio Vick says


  187. Ash Jones says


  188. Santos Mika says


  189. Alemayehu Asrat says


  190. mayur patel says


  191. Michael J Pierce says

    Bold Italic or regular I don't care.

    Just never Comic Sans

  192. koketso Plaatjie says

    or Arial Black!

  193. Rahim Sabawoon says


  194. sayead javaad says


  195. pratap hazaru says


  196. Alyssa Bauguss says

    an i say.. hell yeah

  197. rohit singh says


  198. Mohsen Bayani says


  199. Hamzard Assan says


  200. hujan mawar says

    yupzzz..,i agree with you.,.,.

  201. Huaiping Ming says


  202. Cody Goodman says

    So if you are italic does that mean you are drunk?

  203. Counsel Dew says

    With all the vampire, werewolf, super hero, … novels, stories, etc, I think it is very important to admit regular human is what we all are… Being bold or italic isn't better by definition…

  204. Labbadi Khaled says

    hi. Amanda je vous attends ,merci de me rappeler

  205. Anna ciero says

    I'M CAPITAL!!!

  206. Wai Keong Ang says

    I am.

  207. Billy Couvillion says

    Be dense or slanted.

  208. Lance keebs says

    ill try

  209. Amna Ahmed says

    nice 1

  210. Iftikharq Haider says


  211. Bill Hartzer says

    I would hate to be "strikethrough".

  212. Kevin Dunn says

    good one..

  213. james kiker says

    are u single

  214. pugazhenthi s says


  215. Salhed AHMED DEEPU says


  216. Nicholas Venditti says

    Be pica…not elite.

  217. ingood times says

    I stand for GOTHIC

  218. Rohan Payne says

    +Counsel Dew I suspect this post is more about being 'unique' than 'better'.  Just saying.

  219. mary g Cadigan says

    always been and will be my moto,unique? we all are:)

  220. Rakesh Hegde says

    Do whatever works…. but be legible.

  221. Koffee Black says


  222. Thomas Harmon says

    How can any of us be free if we deny rights to others ?

  223. Juho Mansikkamäki says

    Never Comic Sans.

  224. Abdullah Ariffin says

    Italic bold

  225. Suthat Kamondech says


  226. satu parjapat says

    hiiiiiii you are looking very beautful and isay  that plz help me 
    that i wand to job in software field and can u help  me ?yes ya no my facebook id [email protected]

  227. Bibek Bhusal says

    Seems legit..

  228. Gilles Labelle says

    Ok to follow, better to Lead.

  229. Douglas Harry says

    How about be Comic Sans.

  230. Curtis Coburn says

    What about underline? I would underling if I knew how.

  231. James Merrill says

    Gothic would be cool for Halloween.

  232. Danie Marie says

    ye but if everyone was summat else other than "regular" then no one wud be regular, therefore making it irregular. i think.

  233. josiel migiu says

    oi oi 

  234. Aaron Voegele says

    Exactly. I like being regular. 

  235. Mohammad Jan Khan says

    me too 

  236. Dickson Alorwu says

    It's just like that one day today

  237. mujtaba akram says

    nic 1


    Sabes Ke estas muy Linda

  239. Vicky Mitchell says

    im a bold person

  240. Eugene Liu says

    There are plenty of irregular bald Italians…

  241. Samia Elsaid says

    This is an inspiring good one, +Amanda Blain 🙂

  242. Sarah Barkerson says

    Im wingdings!!!

  243. Jake Kern says

    Oh, +Amanda Blain, I'm definitely irregular.

  244. octa viri says

    i choose BOLD

  245. Sumit Hedulkar says

    good one..

  246. nkouya batsimba adyi says


  247. parmeshwar kadam says

    Too good

  248. POONAM KHANNA says

    wow what a saying

  249. Shola Ojo says


  250. martin boggino says

    so more funny, nice!

  251. jose marcelo lemes moreira says


  252. John Wayman says

    This works for coffee too.

  253. Miklos Koppan says

    simply perfect.

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