1. Jake Kern says

    I'd eat it…

  2. Rylee Vasquez says

    Thats amazing! How do h make them?

  3. Amanda Blain says
  4. Hannah McNeil says

    GIMMIE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. miguelangel sanchez says

    super RICO

  6. Allain Servandil says

    hmm..i getting hungry with this,,how to baked them?

  7. Jon Emmett says

    I'll take a choco chip thanks.

  8. kian chin says

    what is that ?

  9. Adam Guerbuez says

    Looking for marry

  10. kach rad says

    giv me some it and one cop fruit coktail plzz svp

  11. stefan fischer says

    black, red, gold? german baken cookies? gg

  12. Adam Guerbuez says

    in it my country, we make it these food

  13. Mark C says

    You just made me regret eating chocolate cake

  14. adriana luna says

    mmmmmmmmm   yo quiero

  15. Dean Al-Sarraf says

    Interesting your bacon cookies are between mine sugary foods!!!

  16. Christopher Lira says
  17. Teina Kore says


  18. adriana luna says


  19. Reinaldo Gomez says


  20. Adam Guerbuez says

    With peace comes the notion of confection. One has to apply his full devotion to what is all but reality to be able to grasp what is known as simulated bacon. Our form is but the form of one's sole purpose.

  21. heart shaped says

    just like a girl LOVE IT BUT HATE IT IN THE END…..lol

  22. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    nom nom nom…bacon….

  23. Bill Mckim says


  24. Benedict Corpuz says

    Nom nom nom. Bacon all the way!

  25. Alex Emilcar says


  26. Oyl Miller says

    Looks like facon!

  27. Kristopher Salmon says

    This would mess with your head/ taste buds, lol.

  28. Jim Smiley says

    Looks good to me. Just needs bacon flavoring.

  29. Hermawan Prasetyo says

    i want .. 

  30. Mike G says

    As long as they don't taste like bacon…I think that you would need more to go along with tne theme…otherwise, why?

  31. Kayla Young says

    Can you make me some

  32. Matthew Eckert says

    looks good but i bet  its not!

  33. Danielle Filipchich says

    looks interesting

  34. Tiffany Henry says

    +Amanda Blain when you make these, pics or it didn't happen. drools

  35. Matthew Eckert says

    im tired and it looks good

  36. Alex Zinovenko says

    I also want .YUM!

  37. Jim Peoples says

    I intend to eat my monitor if you post them.

  38. Enzamarie Monastero says

    delish…..bernie would love those!

  39. Matthew Eckert says

    wow its Barny!

  40. Eddie Mohan says

    +Amanda Blain, how do you find such cool stuff???
    These totally look like The Sex of cookies!!!


  42. Amanda Blain says


  43. Greyson Eastman says

    ZOMGOD ! ! !   BACON COOKIES FTW ! ! ! 😀

  44. Shugar Ray Dorsainvil says

    Those what you call "Bacon Cookies" look like snake skins, hmmm scared to death of this creature

  45. Rebecca LeHeup says

    BACONTASTIC! +Amanda Blain – you and I need to go on a toad trip to Stratford to check out their new Bacon & Ale Trail!!'

  46. Cyrus C. says

    too bad it wont be as good as the real thing

  47. wahyu jatmiko says


  48. Hunter Yezd says

    cookie or bacon or both

  49. Phillip Branch says

    they look good

  50. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    It hurts my brain to think about what that tastes like.

  51. Desire Bishop says

    yummy yummy yummy yummy meh and sissy love bacon

  52. Wendy Williams says

    Clever, almost look like ice cream .

  53. Jane Brown says

    Wow how cool…

  54. Kara Lewis says

    Yummy!!! 🙂

  55. shelbea riley says

    Yummy 🙂 <3

  56. Jaxsen Prescesky says


  57. Krista Ocier says

    Hmmm… actually looks good

  58. Emily Wood Trounce says

    Love it!

  59. alejandra santillanez says

    so awesome they look good yum yum

  60. Hillary Bayne says

    blink can you eat these raw at least?!

  61. shay waller says


  62. Bella Joan says

    i think i just gained 2 pounds by looking at that

  63. Amanda Warner says

    My favorite type of bacon.

  64. Katelyn Miller says

    aaahh thats soo cool!!! i want to eat them!! gimmie gimme!!!

  65. Sarah Lucy says

    sorry, im too busy licking the screen to care if its a cookie or not!!!

  66. Mel Imnottelling says

    someone watched a little too much epic meal time on youtube.

  67. Barbi S says

    my two favs… BACON & COOKIES!!!!

  68. Grace Schug says

    omg!!!!! that looks good

  69. Elizabeth Mankey says

    Awwwww that's so ADORABLE

  70. Olivia Wa says

    Mmmmmm. Give me bacookies

  71. shania defy says

    if anyone eats that i feel bad for their health

  72. Chrysta Rae says

    +Alan Shapiro look!!!

  73. shania defy says

    ooooooooo bacon cookies now thats a different story

  74. Isela Avila says

    +Jaime J Aleman  lol bacon cookies??

  75. Hayleigh Riddle says

    ooooohhhh looks sso good!:)

  76. Jaime J Aleman says

    omagawd omagawd OMAGAWWWD … "GOT MILK?"

  77. Lauren Eckert says

    Here's your sweet bacon fix +Jon M Curley haha

  78. Scott Murff says

    Not sure if bacon or….

  79. Nicole Voskoboynik says

    that looks sooooo good!

  80. Amanda Blain says

    ITs NOm Nom NOM GOod 🙂

  81. Jake Kern says

    I'd eat it… 🙂

  82. Brenna Rosman says

    do they taste like cookies or bacon?

  83. Lindsey Salzman says


  84. Sebastian Vasquez says

    Amanda. I want some of those cookies????

  85. scott irving says

    hey that bacon is a fony!!!!!!! fony bacon!!!!

  86. Jane kaufman says

    fooled me

  87. scott irving says

    then u are a fool

  88. Amanda Blain says

    phony…. fony…  Who's judging.. 😛

  89. scott irving says

    i am and i think i would ide if i attempted to eat that

  90. Theresa Anderson says

    tht look so gross. never heard of it

  91. Jake Kern says

    They are real cookies!
    Finally, bacon that is baked. =D

  92. meggen ducusin says

    im going to make that but it wont be burnt. then i will have an excuse for having cookies for brunch. i dont get up early any more so i eat brunch

  93. scott irving says

    hey u stole my coment
    stop thief!!

  94. Darryl Wood says


  95. meggen ducusin says

    i didnt read the other comments! sorry +scott irving 

  96. Abby Jones says

    OMG!!! THOSE ARE SO COOL! do they come in turkey bacon? 😛

  97. Anna Higgins says

    I love bacon but that just looks gross! But…… I would still totally eat them

  98. Annabelle Letford says

    Oh my gosh! (and I don't say that lightly!)
    Thank you very much for sharing this +Amanda Blain 
    I will be baking those for sure.

  99. Carissa Phillips says

    Ladies, good way to score some, well, BACON points with that boyfriend/hubby!

  100. Cydnie Medlock says

    IS THAT BACON!?!?!?!?!?

  101. amy guo says


  102. jon jing says


  103. Brielle Beecher says


  104. Jillian Morgaine Jones Dixon says


  105. Aaron King says

    this looks disgusting

  106. Jackie Baldridge says

    Wonder if there good LOL

  107. Razlynne Annysa says

    nice 🙂

  108. Michelle Boland says

    looks nasty

  109. Jesus Castro says


  110. Megan Brown says

    if thats real bacon then that is probably really good but really bad for u, u know

  111. alex davidson says

    looks funky.

  112. Karina Soriano says

    Haha my lil bro would soo love those cookies!!!

  113. Yvette Poopfart says

    i want cookies!

  114. Malcolm Robbins says

    Like forbidden fruit were I am now ????

  115. Tanya Feketitsch says

    amazing…plain and simple

  116. Cheryl Ann MacDonald, Psy'D. says

    Drooling and having a heart attack as I type!

  117. Nicole Inesta says

    That's soo cool

  118. Camille Widman says

    Perfect, Crispy, YUMMY BACON!!
    drool….drool…..drool… 🙂

  119. muhamad nano says

    what it is?

  120. Haley Phillips says

    Mmmmmmm!!!! Yummy…:D

  121. Abby Pope says

    yuk im vegetarian

  122. Noah Nichols says

    i love bacon and cookies

  123. Kalam Azad says

    i wish i would have it

  124. Rylee Lord says


  125. Alan Knutson says


  126. Sharon Hilderbrand Maynard says


  127. Gidienne Johnson says

    no offence but those don't look quite right

  128. Robin Ojay says

    Creative !!!!

  129. Erin-Kayla Love says


  130. Alli Seifert says

    Urs wouldnt look perfect either if u were trying to duplicate the marvelousness of bacon in a cookie.

  131. Douglas DeBoe says

    o my wife loves off the wall cooking. can't wait to show her this

  132. Katie Preston says


  133. Jesse Jay says

    omg yum!

  134. Zoe Keating says

    those look soo good 😛

  135. palak mandal says


  136. Claudia Sosa says

    Bacon is great! Yummy

  137. carmen young says

    do they taste like bacon

  138. Yuka Datchi says

    They look awsome!

  139. Maria Werba says


  140. esme vivanco says


  141. rahul agrawal says

    i had never tasted it but it seems to be very tasty..

  142. VERONICA Campos says

    kinda of looks like doggie treats?lmao

  143. esme vivanco says

    It is!!! Its…..its…….BACON!!!!

  144. Pintu Hansdah says


  145. esme vivanco says

    Its not tasty

  146. Ashley Rodriquez says

    lol maple syrup beside cookies

  147. Brooke Johnson says

    totally thought they where doggie treats. Nothing can beat real bacon.

  148. diane swan says

    Looks good..would love to try them…blessings

  149. esme vivanco says

    I hate it and yes dog treats look tastyer!!!

  150. C Johnson says

    OMG this is my dream come true first they make bacon flavored gum and now bacon cookies this is awesome

  151. esme vivanco says

    Gum?!?! Bacon?!?!

  152. Ashley Jones says

    They don't sound interesting at first but actually don't look that bad

  153. salena argentine says

    that looks awful

  154. ayra fouad says

    im sry bt i h8 bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  155. brooke kinney says


  156. esme vivanco says

    Yeah!!!! Agreed!!!!

  157. Rachelle Shute says

    I'm pretty sure that that is awesome!!!

  158. esme vivanco says

    Did you see the cookie poo?!?!?!

  159. carlee dumas says

    that is sick!!

  160. Kelly DeGree says

    I love bacon!!! I would try that cookie!!!!

  161. esme vivanco says

    Its true. I sorry you have to see it.

  162. adrianne hood says

    those look really good and i like bacon so i would tyr them

  163. Maigan Miles says

    that doesnt look edibleDX

  164. su su myat says

    I like it.

  165. Amanda Julia says


  166. sarah whitehead says

    They look like dog treats .

  167. Maria Ko says

    what is the fascination with bacon as dessert?  bacon sundae and now bacon cookie.  not my cup of tea.

  168. Jordan Hamilton says

    They don't look good.

  169. David Yoder says

    Nice i have a recipe idea that includes bacon a pie but i can tell you what kind of pie i want to be the.first to do.this

  170. esme vivanco says

    Think about how they smell!!!! Eeeeeewwwwwww!!!

  171. Wendi Ristanto says

    it's look delicius

  172. esme vivanco says

    David yoder do you even like bacon?!?!?!

  173. Brittny Kirchner says

    this is making me hungry:0

  174. Georgia Gibbings says

    Ewww !!

  175. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    has anyone tried bacon popcorn or bacon gum?  Somehow,I can't help but feeling it's wrong, but i so wanna pick some up for a try…

  176. esme vivanco says


  177. Robert Arnold says

    Bacon my favorite vegetable..

  178. esme vivanco says

    Never will never have!!!!!!! Dont you will regret it

  179. vishal chaudhary says

    mouth watering :]

  180. ashley siau says

    u know how thy made those

  181. Rylee Hammar says

    that looks discusting

  182. Phlat Bootee says
  183. Aileen Akaman says


  184. esme vivanco says


  185. Melody Shugrue says

    I prefer butter pecan syrup myself, but the #baconcookies are adorable! So inventive! I'll make them on my Dad's birthday, he loves bacon and sugar cookies, so bacon-shaped sugar cookies are perfect! +++ 😀

  186. Rylee Hammar says

    they look so disucusting 

  187. Charlie Bingham says

    If they are not made of actual bacon, then no. Its not cool to pose as meat. 

  188. Ann Math says

    I <3 BACON

  189. Simone Reddice says


  190. Mikayla Bradford says


  191. Julia Rajkovic says

    omg! i wanna make those!! <333

  192. Kaitlyn Curtis says


  193. Larry Schreiber says

    Why do you bake cookies but cook Bacon?

  194. Anne Jersen says

    O.o Droolin…..

  195. LaQuione Reese says


  196. Celina Cooper says

    lol…. cool

  197. Cassie Aguilar says

    yumm my 2 favorite things cookies and bacon 🙂 jkjk 

  198. Camryn Wholey says

    THT looks nasty

  199. Elizabeth Mankey says

    R they vegetarian

  200. kritika kothari says

    Looks good to me…

  201. Lilly Foskett says

    dont like the look of that

  202. Patricia White says

    it looks nasty, i agree. i wonder how it taste like? 'Nasty? Nasty!'

  203. Aimee Tomlinson says


  204. lashawn henderson says

    um okay

  205. charles embrey says

    How can these be Bacon Cookies without ground up Bacon in the dough ??? 8-0

  206. Haze Yula says

    some food are just like that,.. 🙂 It may not good to look in its appearance but taste better than we expected. I wish I could taste this +Amanda Blain ,., so that I can conclude its real beauty,. :)) have a nice afternoon everyone,. 🙂

  207. Lucas S. says

    That is awesome!

  208. Lilly Foskett says

    gross stuff

  209. Brooke Carlson says


  210. Emma Verrill says

    one side of my brain says "omfg thats so damn awesome and the other part is like… OMG I FEEL LIKE IM GOING TO PUKE GET THE HELL OF THE COMPUTER AND GO PUKE!!! but otherwise its really cool

  211. Edward Tulungen says

    I'd love to try some.

  212. R. Harlan Smith says

    I'll stick with peanut butter and chocolate chip

  213. Miku Hatsune says

    I would rather have real bacon XD

  214. esme vivanco says


  215. priya preman says


  216. Bhumika Gulla says

    luks yummmmmyyyyy………

  217. Emily Marquez says

    I bet it doesnt just look yummy it is yummy

  218. gomathi senthil says

    hmmmmmmm…   yummy

  219. Talya Gillbanks says

    That looks eew but my friends like it

  220. Megan Chaplin says

    I hate streaky bacon anyway

  221. Grace Arreza says


  222. Sam Diaz says

    dayummm those look good lol 😛

  223. Samuwai Neenshaa says

    maybe something for you +Leonie PrincessPeach

  224. abigail adams says

    awks, i was just baking cookiees ;D

  225. Naeem Qureshi says


  226. SciFY Guy says

    A true Homer dream!

  227. Berlin Friswell says

    Stupid website keeps sending me to a 'your a winner' site.

  228. Markus Rambossek says

    Looks delicious.. oh and the cookies as well! 😉

  229. E'Nijah Stinson says

    it looks nasty

  230. CEPRIS FLORYFE says

    it looks delicious

  231. haroon raheed says

    what is this

  232. Todd Lancaster says

    i,ll take a dozen lol.

  233. Prarthanaa Singhal says


  234. shubham raj says

    Please don't mind :-)…… It looks like animal's tongue!

  235. niel patel says

    Fuck yeah!!!! Bacon cookies 🙂

  236. sugandha suvarna says


  237. Shaani Proctor says

    i think that will taste nice….

  238. Hannah Jane Odiong says

    cool 🙂

  239. Lilly Anders says

    looks delicious 🙂

  240. Jaszmin Minneyfield says

    awesome 🙂

  241. nikita Bezuidenhout says


  242. Agusupri Hartono says

    very nice yum

  243. alexia carpina says

    i am getting hungery

  244. Julia Vazquez says

    +Rylee Vasquez we have the same last name just spelt different.

  245. Mondray Maye says

    Wtf lol. Nice

  246. Carl R. Jackson says


  247. zariah clark says

    omg so cute lol

  248. Kojo Donkor says

    Hmmmmm lovely

  249. Tanya D'Souza says

    ooh i'm hungry!

  250. Briann Madden says

    Thats so awesome!

  251. Zuzu Garcia says

    you had me at bacon

  252. desy ariani says


  253. Raj Sonnylal says


  254. David Vaughan says


  255. Jadra Wilson says

    No one comments on my posts ITS NOT FAIR!!!

  256. izza reemy says

    what is this?look yummy…

  257. Cheryl Riddell says

    looks amazing!

  258. Veena p says

    what it is ?

  259. izzy Harkin says


  260. Raina Xia says

    another efficient way to make yourself overweight?

  261. Thomas Brunner says

    Bacon, sweet? Oh, holy America everthing is possible…

  262. Christopher Modest says

    is that beef?

  263. Stella Bella says

    cool but random….like me:P

  264. Pamoda Senadipathi says

    are u serious? bacon cookies? r they good?

  265. Averilis Wullaby says

    what is that thing?

  266. Efa Kaonain says

    confusing @@@…..

  267. Georgina Baker smith says

    is that cake?

  268. hasan mahmud says

    very hot

  269. Riana castro says

    woah coolest thing iv seen since macaroni in a can 

  270. Ely Hitc says


  271. Heini Falk says

    Nom nom nom nom

  272. Sammy Diaz says

    Yummy yummy

  273. Isabelle Allui says

    c'est quoi ce plat, c'est joli

  274. Wai Yip Wong says

    Yummy Nosh!

  275. Alan Shapiro says

    I am making these today. So show up at my house around 7pm EST

  276. Amy Abbey says

    i thought that was beacon

  277. Gary Blewaska says

    Something wrong , but still tasty.

  278. Leonie PrincessPeach says

    thank u, I like this cookies! +Samuwai Neenshaa 

  279. Seema Thakur says


  280. Kevin Peng says


  281. Abdullah S says

    I couldnt think of anything nastier 🙂

  282. Mike Dipasquale says

    Looks very disgusting!

  283. Rita Rumboldt says

    combine two of the grossest things America has given us! gosh….that's disgusting. how can bacon even be sweet? 

  284. Megan Howard-Jones says

    ew i will NEVER try those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  285. Bilal Ijaz says


  286. Anita Gilson says


  287. Charbel Kattar says

    it looks like Germany flag

  288. Kelly Jackson says

    great idea!

  289. bella pickle says

    i hope they ttaste like bacon

  290. Alexandra Kudlinski says


  291. Muhammad Chattha says


  292. angela king says

    if they have bacon flavor i will have some i love bacon

  293. dimple tiwari says

    love to eat one time.

  294. Patricia Ogova says

    look so nice but harmful to teeths

  295. lorra sanders says

    no offense but wen i saw them i thot they were dog treats. u hav to admit they look alittle like dog treats. but they do look good

  296. sheena arcangeles says

    want to try it!!

  297. Kathryn M says

    Not very appealing.

  298. Ethan Merrill says


  299. Marlon John Varon says

    want some those..

  300. Supraja Rajagopal says


  301. essa algurg says

    greedy mouth water

  302. erica fleary says

    creepy cookies

  303. Isha Srinivasan says


  304. Jenna McCaffrey says


  305. Zofia Uszok says


  306. Dagbjort Gudmundsdottir says

    EEEWWW! How is it possible to eat bacon? This doesnt even look like it tastes good and I am saying this a bout cookies!

  307. Ciara Wolff says

    that actually looks pretty good

  308. Caitlin Coyne says

    +Dagbjort Gudmundsdottir   it doesnt actually have bacon in it they just dyed the dough so it looks like it

  309. vanessa langford says

    discusting that looks like my dogs throw up cooked eeewwwww!

  310. Rayna Brito says

    u did not have to make us all lose our appetites…. +vanessa langford 

  311. Ralucutza Dragutza says


  312. Elizabeth Paul says

    omg i want some bacon cookies

  313. Puvana Sri says


  314. I.V.T Kitty says


  315. Dresden Kalil says

    Oh yea!

  316. Daniel Silva says

    nossa hummmmmm

  317. jenny greenfield says

    they dont look like they taste very  good !

  318. Kaelie Holstine says

    BIG QUESTION: do they have any sort of bacon it them?

  319. Cindy Ream says

    look like the are made out of clay.

  320. Joseph Butler says

    ummmm.. makin me hungry 🙂

  321. Vijay Parwani says

    hi frndzzz….

  322. Stan Wilcox says

    Ow!  This makes my diabeatis hurt – Wilford Brimley

  323. sydney ratliff says


  324. Trisha Nelson says

    These look wonderful and I made the mistake of actually going to the site to see the recipe. An hour later, I'm still checking out the site. Some really great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  325. brian schroeder says

    holly crap batman!!!!  awesome!!!

  326. Frank Merchant says

    YUM! Gimmie gimmie!

  327. Iris Wang says

    woah! yum! my fave foods combined

  328. Stuart Thirlwell says

    This is the most amazing thing! I am going to give this a try

  329. Angie Yang says

    if only they were bacon flavored

  330. Isabella Storemski says

    I know right, I love bacon!!!!

  331. Tyra Blocker says

    ugh what is tht

  332. S Smithereens says

    haha… bacon… once my dad got bacon-flavored icee syrup. sarcastic "yum!

  333. Maddie MacMillan says

    Omg I thought I would never see the day

  334. Giulietta Gieve says

    bacon cookies what next hehe<3

  335. ADajah Williams says

    are those bacon cookies luv them

  336. Elaine Silva says

    sorry but YUCKIE!!!!!

  337. Bea von Eichstorff says

    Ewwwww, would never eat them!!!!!!!

  338. Jessie Sciabica says


  339. Christa Norton says

    i would eat them for my life

  340. Fran Martin says

    ….. and I will definitely eat these at some point soon.

  341. Carshlitos Carshlitos says


  342. Shugar Ray Dorsainvil says

    hmmm yammmy!   lol    but good invention

  343. cole mac says

    looks wierd bbut bprobly tast good

  344. Colleen Gaudin says

    A friend of mine made a litter box cake! It looked like a pan if kitty litter, and was even adorned with slightly melted tootsie rolls that some of the litter looking stuff stuck to…It LOOKED disgusting, but was VERY tasty!!????

  345. Louise Byrne says

    that looks really ott

  346. ???? ?????? says


  347. ???? ?????? says


  348. elissia crowther says

    if i'm honest i wouldn't eat them.

  349. immag immadoblog says

    it look lik dog food

  350. jasmine mcwhorter says

    you got talent bc thats so cool

  351. cristian santiago says

    love it<<>> but what is the preperation??

  352. Zoe Harpole says

    You get your bacon and your cookie! genius! 😀

  353. Franklin Barnett says

    I don't know if I want to drool or gag.

  354. Mahdi Ghafoori says


  355. Acid Eiffel says

    Where is the shell in this escargot?

  356. Rachel Gumballs says

    +Amanda Blain, are you the one who posted about the Nutella cookies because if you are can you please send me the recipe:)

  357. Rachel Stein says

    that….. looks……. GOOD……

  358. vikrammatchless matchless says


  359. Devin Cortazzo says

    yum i had that last night 

  360. Keyana Thomas says

    That looks yummy

  361. Zye Angiwan says

    AHA! something else to add to the list of why bacon is awesome.

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