1. Bearman Cartoons says

    My wife rolls her eyes at me as I act like a magician in front of automatic doors

  2. Karl Geiger Jr says


  3. Justin White says

    Being a Jedi makes me feel like a Jedi LOL

  4. EJ Bergara says

    every. Single. Time.

  5. Rajesh Narayanan says


  6. nathan reynolds says

    Love it!…"The force is strong in this one'

  7. Brian Serviss says

    Except when you stand in front of a non-automatic door waiting for it to open

  8. Muhammad Albilaluddin says

    what about it is?

  9. Shar Banning says

    Automatic doors make me feel like I'm on the USS Enterprise…sorry, I don't recall any automatic sliding doors on Starwars.

  10. Jon Walker says

    So true….  I even do the Jedi hand gesture to open them sometimes 🙂

  11. Gerald Smith says

    I actually make a hand motion so I really feel like a Jedi.

  12. Averil Maycock says

    yes its true

  13. Stacey Duffy says

    There are no such things as automatic doors. I actually am a Jedi!

  14. Brian Serviss says


  15. Cyril Arnaud says

    What ? You don't have to make the hand gesture ? I always though that these doors were made only for Jedis … 🙁

  16. Mark Corson says

    And those auto car starters. Love that commercial. +Amanda Blain

  17. Jody Barnes says

    Except when they fail to open and you run into them…. then you look like a loser. #truestory  

  18. Jody Barnes says

    Except when they fail to open and you run into them…. then you look like a loser. #truestory

  19. Seepu sharma says

    Good morning

  20. hand itchy says

    Doraemon=====>Jedi … lol

  21. Kevin Powers says

    If you don't wave your hand to the side….. then you aren't a true JEDI!

  22. Joshua Burns says

    Lol that's hilarious, good to know I'm not the only who does the hand gesture at the doors.

  23. Chandra Pederson says

    ikr! me too! 😉 

  24. Chandra Pederson says

    ikr! me too! 😉

  25. Nicholas Dee says

    ..meh !!

    why would u even think of such a thing ??

  26. Gerald Smith says

    looks like we found a place where we all belong….

  27. Adam McGrath says

    Throwing bricks thru glass doors makes me feel like a sith lord.

  28. mcarthur albert says

    Hello group,
    My name is McArthur Albert, and I have had these same thoughts for the past 15 years of my life.
    At first, I used to think there was something wrong with me but (tear)
    I am happy to finally be a part of a group where I feel like I belong.

  29. Mikel Petty says

    I do this dumb ass thing all the time. Especially if the door is moving slow, then I make it look like I am really focusing deep in the force 🙂

  30. Cyndi Calhoun says

    May the force be with you.  🙂

  31. Nicole Lock says

    I already force open doors…

  32. Nicholas Dee says

    Nicole..did u check ?maybe they were on Lock ……lol

  33. jeff jare says

    When my kids were tots(too young to know what a jedi was) I got them to say #abracadabra  in front of the doors to open them. The believed it was #magic  !!! +Amanda Blain 

  34. jeff jare says

    When my kids were tots(too young to know what a jedi was) I got them to say #abracadabra  in front of the doors to open them. The believed it was #magic  !!! +Amanda Blain

  35. Ian McBeth says

    I have always felt they are kind of like a bully… "oh doors supposed to open for you .. Psyche…. as you walk right into the door." 8-|

  36. saddam husen says


  37. Dylan Headrick says

    Lol you know it

  38. Jonathan Wood says

    I feel more like a wizard

  39. Beejie A. Conag says

    Being able to use my #lightsaber  as like  #solderingirons   make me feel like a #Jedi  ! I could be wrong, but I saw a #Sith  do the same before we had to battle.

  40. david haws says

    Just no

  41. Annabel Hinojoza says


  42. Silver Hedge-hog says


  43. Barry Bowman says

    shirt design, right here

  44. Dwayne Thompson says

    Never thought about that buy u r right

  45. Alistair Bawden says

    I learned how to use a scissor lift today — that made me feel like a Jedi.

  46. Nathaniel Lawrence says

    I can feel the force

  47. Quinn Conine says

    Definitely. I commonly hold out my hands like I'm using the force and separate them as the door opens. Oh, the fun. 🙂

  48. Annabel Hinojoza says

    omg love star wars

  49. Barry Bowman says

    I remember to close the door behind me as I leave.

  50. Jacob Gardner says

    So true, so true. 🙂

  51. Justin Poor says

    May the Force be with you fellow Jedi!

  52. Josh Luke says


  53. Jordan Gill says

    Automatic anything makes me fell like a Jedi!
    I even do the hand gestures so they "Move!"

  54. Gage Farrar says

    im yoda.

  55. ????? ???? says

    frya nac

  56. Jacob Gardner says

    uh Jordan Gill don't you mean "feel" not "fell"?

  57. William Furby says

    These are not the doors you are looking for….

  58. Emmanuel Taban says

    Makes you ask why the force requires the use of hand motion. Running low on the force in you?

  59. ????? ???? says


  60. Glenn Pingry says


  61. ????? ???? says

    iam mostaf  agibt

  62. Glenn Pingry says


  63. ????? ???? says


  64. dillon benoit says

    Closest I ever got to action. Was shelshocked by eating to many peanuts in Carl's canteen

  65. ????? ???? says

    wotis syor nim

  66. ????? ???? says

    ya abak arbk

  67. Sisenando Palma says

    I'm so happy I'm not alone! Sith ftw!

  68. josh gorfain says

    Automatic doors always made me feel like Magneto

  69. Jim D. says


  70. Tim Lambert says

    Had this very Jedi moment earlier today walking into the grocery store.

  71. Mark Saunders says

    Automatic doors make me feel special.

  72. Nguyen Vannhanh says

    i thinks it very good

  73. Omari Bennett says

    love it

  74. Alex Arndt says

    yep they are AWESOME

  75. Clyde Slidell says

    I want to feel like a jedi.  It might be an experience to remember.

  76. Terin Sottile says

    I do it every time!

  77. Ethan Christensen says

    so true so true

  78. Aisley Ellis says

    use the force

  79. Baine shadows says

    I have seizures and believe me when i have shakes the only joy I get when i am not feeling well is watching store managers freak because the doors keep opening and closing when i enter .call me the shake jedi  

  80. Baine shadows says

    I have seizures and believe me when i have shakes the only joy I get when i am not feeling well is watching store managers freak because the doors keep opening and closing when i enter .call me the shake jedi

  81. Cam Balacuit says

    From now on, I'm gonna do the Jedi hand wave to open every one of those doors.

  82. Gunnar Streuli says

    tugh, tugh, open saysa me!

  83. darryl smith says

    we have a long way

  84. Aaron Toro says

    True shiz bro.

  85. Muhammad Imran says

    You still not aware of your power, come with me, I'll show you the true power of the dark side of the force

  86. khalid aziz says

    Most of the time I still hit the door…

  87. Al juin says

    I think it feels good,just like you so especial.

  88. andy williams says

    This is gonna make me do weird things at sliding doors now.

  89. Jeremy DeCoste says

    Only if you have right music for entrance/exit

  90. Jason Liu says


  91. muhammad shahbaz says

    good but not better

  92. Kam Sheth says

    "these are not the droids you are looking for" waves hand i THINK that's how it goes..it's been soo long since i've watched the movies. 

  93. Kam Sheth says

    "these are not the droids you are looking for" waves hand i THINK that's how it goes..it's been soo long since i've watched the movies.

  94. brandon ballard says

    mitt romney

  95. Mobl X says

    slowly waves hand you will give this post a +1

  96. Christopher Manar says

    Several times I've walked head-on into an automatic door that didn't open. I'm no Jedi. I'm Han Freakin Solo, baby! I shoot doors that don't open.

  97. E Gray says


  98. Paramdeep Singh Jubbal says

    And I always make the Ben Kenobi hand gesture from left-to-right when the door is opening.

  99. Qudratullah Khan says

    no such things here

  100. Eric Tweed says

    Me too!

  101. Peakafeller PK says


  102. Travis Peters says

    Watched a snippet of E.S.B. yesterday. Yoda rules!!

  103. rony agrib says

    jajajajaja.lol xD

  104. inah green says

    when ever i approach certain doors they wont open for me..it does for everybody else.one day i stopped short just as the door decided to close before it opened good.fortunately i knew it wouldnt open,the clerk commented,that was close huh?i retorted it never opens for me cause yall dont want me to buy anything out of your store.he smiled and said,i wish the doors would do that to my wife!!

  105. Eden Carter says

    Cauz i am a jedi

  106. Josh Parks says

    Hahahhahah :):) funnyyyyy

  107. Josh Parks says

    If that is true than I must be a Jedi watch out may the force of the sliding doors be with you!!!!!

  108. Eden Carter says

    But an epic fail would b u get closed i the door

  109. Chantha Kammer says

    The ones in Korea were awesome as heck! The ones at winco are boring as poo

  110. Sasha Seaton says

    Automatic door here i come:D

  111. Susan Lewis says

    Not me. I always walk into them because they don't open fast enough. :p

  112. Edward Cameron says

    There was a time in Chicago the doors did not open and I sure did a commercial- lucky noone saw!

  113. Edgar Canabal says

    Lol now all we need are vehicles that can drive on their own

  114. Luka Forman says

    this is soooo true

  115. Glen Lee says

    I nonchalantly wave my hand every time. Just like Alec Guinness.

  116. sharan patil says

    very nice dear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  117. Edgar Madriz says

    Every door for me is automatic because I am the jedi.

  118. ravindra gandhi says


  119. Mohammad Gh says

    Hai.it is like

  120. brian sims says

    new york owww oooo i look peppermint
    stool city web hot stool on my tools.
    construction hat

  121. Pawandeep Sethi says

    I like to enter with the Terminator 2 OST playing in my head…

  122. Andrew Giminiani says

    Heh, sometimes when no one's looking I'll push the doors apart with my hands, "using the force".

  123. brian robbins says

    yes me to 

  124. brian robbins says

    yes me to

  125. Dave Lee says

    Automatic doors make me feel like a Starfleet officer.

  126. Domenic Bof says

    Lifting cars with my mind makes me feel like a Jedi

  127. Uriel Achilleus says

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies.

    🙂 LOL!!!     (and automatic doors that make you feel like a sith bad ass!)

  128. Rachel L says

    Loll this is pretty cute haha

  129. Nestor Rodriguez says

    Welcome to the Dark Side. Are you surprised we lied about the cookies?

  130. Zayn O' Harrelson says

    yes they do only im a sith lord 

  131. Zayn O' Harrelson says

    yes they do only im a sith lord

  132. Biju Vasudevan says

    My Wife makes me fell like Jabba  ( BTW Madam pl check out a stupid video by me on You Tube.  Pl serach for " Wild World Biju Vasudevan" . It si an amateurish puerile imbecile music videolette. 

  133. Biju Vasudevan says

    My Wife makes me fell like Jabba  ( BTW Madam pl check out a stupid video by me on You Tube.  Pl serach for " Wild World Biju Vasudevan" . It si an amateurish puerile imbecile music videolette.

  134. odo charles says

    Reduces my agility puts laxity in [email protected]

  135. Mahmoud Atwa says

    Yeas it's true

  136. Bartimaeus Fowl says

    But the slow ones that you have to stand in the doorway for 2 seconds make you feel like a horrible Jedi

  137. Ryan H says

    So true.

  138. Trevor Tsai says


  139. Alex Watts says

    +Bartimaeus Fowl yes the force is stronger in me in some locations compared to others, wheres its no so

  140. Michael Webb says

    Everytime I enter a place with auto doors I make the Jedi movement gesture.

  141. Michael Webb says

    Everytime I enter a place with auto doors I make the Jedi movement gesture.

  142. Tou houa says

    It's funny

  143. David Ezra Vinson says

    Very true.

  144. Rodolfo Gerona says

    Well, I like auto-door of any make to lessen my hand efforts. I do feel at ease and relax when you have something on hand.

  145. Jason Foster says

    I've seen this on T-Shirts.

  146. Tou houa says

    I like thay

  147. Monica Solis says

    Lol make me feel like a princess…

  148. Paul Shults says

    We are Jediae

  149. Paul Shults says

    We are Jediae.

  150. Bryan O. says

    That's part of the reason I wave my hand when walking up to them. The other is because of my strides, I'm usually at the doors before they open and have walked into some before.

  151. Brenda Gonzales says


  152. Glen Panaligan says


  153. Tony Todd says

    I like IT

  154. Cesar Ibanez says

    Yes! Specially when I'm walking through one next to an old guy with harry ears & as soon as they start opening, I push my make believe yoda (old guy), out the way and take out my trusty original light saber, you know the one that expands when you swing it and makes the trademark noise!!!!!! Yessss just then I feel the FORCE IS WITH ME. Well not really the force, force, but the force of the security guards kicking my a$$ out for doing some stupid sh¡? like that in a public place.

    Well I guess the answer is yes on that!

  155. Leon Rozen says

    Don't interesting to you
    I am a marriage men 40 years thnx GOD

  156. Kaleb Daleszak says

    Don't interesting to you.
    I am a marriage men 40 years thnx GOD

  157. Drew Eliasen says

    Stand at the automatic door when a girl walks by and say "let mr hold the door for u"

  158. Vijay Gandhinagar says

    I do the "open sesame" from the "Ali baba and 40 thieves".

  159. Fred Bulger says

    Everybody knows automatic doors are from Star Trek 🙂

  160. Brian Foster says

    Ninja Gentlemen…

  161. Robert E. Obrikat jr. says

    ya and having to use jedi mind tricks to get from poit a to piont b

  162. Christopher Stone says

    Yeah, well my doors are built by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.

  163. Quincey Nacho says

    Lol..I would so be calling you Padawan Sith if I knew you personally +Pawandeep Sethi

  164. Ted Neal says

    Pfft, doors of any kind open for me automagically because I'm a Norse boss. Either that or I break through them.

  165. Erik Kim says

    Anyone here waved a hand just prior the doors sliding open?

  166. Salvador Torres says

    TRUE! This is one of the best comments I've ever seen.

  167. Eric Nakagawa says

    This is how I feel with elevators.

  168. Collin Garard says

    escalators make me feel like superman
    lays on belly going up

  169. salman but says


  170. shivani yadav says


  171. Jerry Naylor says

    Frend i hope yes thay do lol

  172. Musa Makhoba says

    I sometimes pretend I'm in deep thought while walking straight into an automatic door. Just at a right moment…I raise my hand:) at that moment the force…is greater in this one (the sound an automatic door makes, also helps)

  173. Sammy Njoroge says


  174. Gerald Warner says

    "Doors? Who needs doors?!"

  175. Margaret Erana says

    i am an open door…open legs too

  176. Muhammad Tahir Javed says


  177. Sai Shiv says

    oh my god !!!

  178. mohammadsulaiman dhawood says

    good mornig

  179. Jared Ragsdale says

    I am so nerdy I wave my hand infront of automatic doors all the time. Ask my older sister she calls me a goober when I do

  180. Alexander Dvuzhilov says

    Same here. 🙂

  181. Sergio Arena says

    I always wave my hand at the sensor like obi wan would do.

  182. Steven Clough says

    The worst automatically operated doors are on lifts or tube trains they seem to be trying to eat you very shaming .when you get item of clothing trapped .you feel more like tit than a Jedi. anybody who feels like a Jedi has been drinking or needs to feel the force of the me in white coats lol.

  183. Ratheesh K says

    hai !!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. Luka Forman says

    me too 

  185. Luka Forman says

    me too

  186. Jerrod Gunning says

    Unfortunately, Obi-Wan's hand-waving Jedi mind trick style doesn't work on police officers; e.g. "You don't need to see my identification.."

  187. Jason Jurado says

    that's right. smiling while the door opens 🙂

  188. Vin Easel says

    Very true.

  189. abdul basit khan says


  190. Lijith Bl says

    Yeaaa Very True 🙂

  191. Jake Nackashian says

    ahah soo true!

  192. Barb Daily says

    Yes! Jedi powers get me through just about anything! LOL :')

  193. Manoj Maha says


  194. Kunihira Patrick says

    thats nice

  195. Pedro Corral says

    Ha That's Funny 🙂

  196. Iqbal Fabianza says

    What Ever….:|

  197. J Miller says

    Alright, who is the moron at Microsoft that programmed my computer and thought it would be a good idea to reboot right in the middle of a movie??

  198. firdose jat says


  199. Alyssa Cardoza says


  200. austin reyes says

    i love automatic doors, that way i dont push when it says pull 🙁

  201. Craig Loxley says

    Is r2d2 a Jedi?

  202. Lurshai Kharjana says

    r u sure about it

  203. Chris Zingg says

    countles times i swished my hand 🙂

  204. austin reyes says

    cause i get confused.

  205. Bill Hackett says

    @J Miller – Microsoft is making it a new standard! 😉

  206. Martin Tamara Robson says


  207. Keishi Kimura says

    Let the FORCE reunite! 

  208. Keishi Kimura says

    Let the FORCE reunite!

  209. Alec Ernstrom says

    True. Dat.

  210. shabari appu says

    I com u r room wt fil

  211. Emiliano Gapi says

    I don't feel alone in this world anymore.

  212. Krishna soni says

    yeah right

  213. appala swamy kadamati says


  214. Larry Henderson says

    I hate when I'm in a hurry and almost walk into the Jedi door… usually it's at the hospital…

  215. MD.MONIRUL ISLAM Monir says


  216. michael dela cruz says

    May the force be with you. Ha! Ha! Ha!!

  217. Nicholas Aussems says

    They so do!

  218. michael dela cruz says

    Open says me. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  219. Jeuel Asherz says

    Your so right, people look at me all wierd when i use the force on that auto doo

  220. Matthias Schorer says

    nice one!

  221. Juan Guerrero says

    I must confess that every time I get close to one of those doors the first thing I do is raise my hand

  222. hanah shanice javate says

    HAHA:) cute!

  223. Charles Weeden says

    I can't count how many times I've waved my two fingers as I walk through those doors. People think I'm weird, but I feel so bad ass when doing it.

  224. Esa Ruoho says

    waving at the door is the only way to get it to open quicker without bumping into it.

  225. Amr Nabeel says

    Lol so true.

  226. Charles Weeden says

    I hear that +Esa Ruoho. lol

  227. ravi kumar says

    its true

  228. Amanda Blain says


  229. James Derbyshire says

    Im not the only one who does hand gestures then… I was getting worried

  230. Caleb Barr says

    Same or I like to say open sesamie 

  231. Caleb Barr says

    Same or I like to say open sesamie

  232. Kenny Chong says

    I'd like that on a t-shirt. Thank you. 🙂

  233. Joseph Therattil says

    yes for those places where there is no power issues, but in the places like mine,we feel like a cave man who was young enough for a heavy Rock door and will find himself trapped as he will find himself too old to move the rock door when there is no power.

  234. Tay Love says

    That's interesting. I happen to be from the Degobah system myself

  235. Paxton Thomas says

    Soo true

  236. Tony Ramos says

    I am THE JEDI!

  237. Michelle Bobadilla says

    LOL, so true we all use the force to open the doors.

  238. Theo Robinson says

    You know that at work they is a projecting screen and lots of little kids say they have the force when the screen comes down

  239. Theo Robinson says

    Do you know what 'LOL' means

  240. Darlene Homer says

    Want to see picture

  241. Rutiger Adams says

    They just remind me im disabled…thanks jedi jerks

  242. Thakur Sonu says

    what is that JEDI ?

  243. Rutiger Adams says

    gut ya….llfao

  244. Richard Liu says

    Nice star wars x disabled poster!

  245. Chloe Stoodley says

    So true i allways do that

  246. rohan kanani says


  247. Tony Ramos says

    When you find out please let me know.

  248. Khin Thet says


  249. kaysar sharif says


  250. Franco Fichtner says

    Sometimes, they make me look like an idiot, because I'm not the tallest person, so the trigger may refuse to open the door. 😉

  251. Darth Conserv says

    Damn Thought it was just me 😛

  252. Edin Manjgafic says

    sign up today for my website

  253. John Rutter says

  254. Trevor Davies says

    Walk up to them & say, "This is the person you are parting for."

  255. Adu Mensah Philemon says

    Why you? Amanda

  256. Lee Pellymounter says

    The amount of times I have slowly moved my hand in front of an automatic door and say to my son "Look I am a Jedi". He is 10 now and he may not believe me now but I still get a kick out of doing it.    

  257. Lee Pellymounter says

    The amount of times I have slowly moved my hand in front of an automatic door and say to my son "Look I am a Jedi". He is 10 now and he may not believe me now but I still get a kick out of doing it.

  258. konrad denissen says

    I always wave my hand when passing through one

  259. George Petrache says

    …wait a minute  … they are AUTOMATIC doors ???????

  260. Simon Stone says

    the circle is now complete obi wan, now i am the master!!

  261. Alun Heseltine says

    My 3 year old loves waving her hands in front of the doors to make them open. I may have told her its the force…

  262. muluken mengist says

    I am always searching international and professional friends

  263. Andrey PW says

    Hell yeah..it is true…
    If you want to try becoming a jedi,just stand in front of these doors.

  264. bhaby jenny says

    hahah , I just recalled the scene… So true!

  265. Vijay Kumar says

    oh really

  266. Malik M says


  267. Shakti Bishnoi says

    automatic doors is wonderfull

  268. Paul Overstreet says

    the force is with you even with automatic doors 

  269. Paul Overstreet says

    the force is with you even with automatic doors

  270. Eric Holske says

    Ha ha that's so funny do really think that

  271. Rajesh Gangala says

    Absolutely….. 🙂

  272. Theodora Beatty says

    Who else feels pleasure at making a door open with an outstretched hand? I do.

  273. Tou houa says

    Hope that will do it

  274. phyo aung phyo says


  275. Gp Gs says

    Only you dont know whats coming up

  276. buhari shehu says

    yer been a jeddy

  277. buhari shehu says

    yer been a jeddy

  278. Aaron Kramer says

    My star wars lightsaber makes me feel like luke skywalker jedi master or maybe yoda!

  279. Fenja Sager says

    I do love my automatic garage door so safe 

  280. Fenja Sager says

    I do love my automatic garage door so safe

  281. Vher Samuel Mitra Aggabao says

    May the force be with you.

  282. Daniel Arment says

    Hells yes

  283. Nhi Tran says

    And also with you. 

  284. Nhi Tran says

    And also with you.

  285. Ngigi Mungai says

    jedi is?

  286. louis tso says


  287. uzma owaisi says

    wat jedi……..?

  288. jason waton says

    what about star trek

  289. Ndati Agapitus says

    Occasionally I do a dramatic Jedi hand wave to open automatic doors. In my defense I do it because I'm too short to trigger the sensors. It's only happened about 3 times I swear! :-/

  290. Aberra Jote says

     who are you?  Jesus loves more than anything, please receive Jesus as your savior.Jesus at the door to come and Escape from hell!

  291. Christian Tatupu says


  292. Christian Tatupu says


  293. Ranjith Kumar says


  294. Hannes Niederhausen says

    Well I'm glad, that the doors don't close as fast as in the movies. 🙂

  295. frank missonge says

    yes.. Hannes how is you?

  296. Tanmay Shiwankar says


  297. Christo Norman says

    Well that got me chortling away to myself for a second

  298. Sroydko Fnatic says


  299. Rudi Brits says

    don't think the boss will buy that. it will make me feel all powerful though.

  300. Jesus Silva says

    I thought I was the only nerd who waved his hand as he entered stores. 

  301. Jesus Silva says

    I thought I was the only nerd who waved his hand as he entered stores.

  302. Chong Kaixiang says

    Tesla gloves with little lightning tips on the fingers make me feel like a Sith.

  303. Simon Themplar says


  304. Simon Moore says

    Brilliant. So true, lol!

  305. Anthony Taylor says

    Is this true +Francisco Gaxiola and +Crystal G-H

  306. Jamie van Dyke says

    But do you swipe your fingers across like me to make it so?!  😉

  307. aditya mathur says

    May the force be with you !

  308. Victor Abbott says

    Yep,, me too,,. I even make the noise

  309. David Sturgess says

    My favorite automatic doors are the ones that don't open until you almost hit them. A battle of the mind do I slow down or be brave and steam forward.

  310. Aidan Richardson says

    "I  must use the force to open these automatic doors," I tell my mom as I close my eyes and concentrate. They walk up to the door and suddenly I  open my eyes and the doors open. "I told you I was a Jedi Knight"

  311. Michael Kalin says

    So true

  312. Ulisse Sparaventi says

    Sei molto carina amada mipiacerebbe scambiare conte ulisse italia

  313. Nick Howarth says

    lol, thought it was just me and children who did it 🙂

  314. Cristin Owens says

    uh-oh… they make me feel like I'm with Starfleet.

  315. David Caldwell says

    This made my padawan lol.

  316. Justin Warnock says

    I just like to post like one some times

  317. Gurpreet Singh says


  318. Denise Garcia says

    Hehehe… You don't know the power of the dark side… 🙂

  319. Dinesh Kumar says


  320. Richard Millroy says

    Not just me then 🙂

  321. Jaeson Mendoza says

    Omg you knew my secret!

  322. Carlo Green says

    I like doing the Jedi hand motion to my kids. "You will eat your sweet peas.", "I will eat my sweet peas.", "They will taste like M&M's." Ha ha…

  323. Bantty Chaudhari says

    can i chat with u? Amanda

  324. Armando C Cusco says


  325. Jujo Hordeninger says


  326. manjunath cena says

    that' coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. Sanjay Kumawat says


  328. fazleh monir Chowdhury says


  329. Maya Berg says

    The Force is strong….. O.o

  330. Gio Bouzi says

    Soooooo Fucking true

  331. david lim says


  332. Jason Stewart says

    Why aren't Jedi huge fat slobs? They use the force to do just about everything! Can you imagine how fat you'd be if all you ever did was sit on your ass and float stuff to you? Lemme float a piece of chocolate cake into my gaping maw…

    Maybe using the force speeds up your metabolism?

  333. Neila Lott says

    WHAT??!! You mean… I don't open them with my mind???

  334. Billy Kavanagh says

    Be careful that the lure of automatic doors does not tempt you to the dark side, young padawan. It's worth pointing out that at no point in any Star Wars film do we ever see the emperor operate a door handle.

  335. Shar Banning says

    Lol +Jason Stewart that's an excellent point.

  336. Leanne Temessl says


  337. CL McCLURKIN says

    hey am 15 years and i need help

  338. Oscar Rodriguez says


  339. Tyler Shupe says


  340. Mohammad Jan Khan says

    Yesssssssssss 😀

  341. John Cuerden says

    oh yes they do ! lol

  342. kabirou salou says

    how are you

  343. Shafiullah Ahmadi says

    hei hvordan har du det 

  344. Shafiullah Ahmadi says

    hei hvordan har du det

  345. Tim Daniels says

    Yes, that and the Millenium Falcon parked in my garage…

  346. Nasiru K. Gill says

    Yess i can feel the force in me every time i walk up to safeway

  347. Deng zhicheng says

    Someone lives in a house with high technology?

  348. Mike Morelli says

    Oh god yes.

  349. Melissa Conquest says

    What are you talking about?

  350. ahmed elhossainy says

    all you need is to think it…………..

  351. Adel Maniar says

    Probably the door feels the same…..?

  352. Bill Brookins says

    I felt like Yoda when I wired the doors @ local day care ?

  353. Murat Engin says

    When my mood is good, I use my hand to open those automatic doors lik a jedi, too.

  354. Verlynne Yunoki says

    hahaha that's cool ^_^..,

  355. raghav jolly says

    mee too im like obionekanobie its aweesome

  356. Isabelle Cardinal says

    Hehehe… yep.

  357. Muhammad Imran says

    more to "make me feel like a sith lord"

  358. Isaac Mesa says


  359. Jesus Garcia says

    every time

  360. Rogério Couto says

    Dear Amanda,
    Try to know more alternatives for this evil that afflicts mankind eg cafe with butter, cinnamon tea with mint and lemon in warm water with garlic.
    Help much in question against the flu because the flu virus is not curable.

  361. kevin kordosky says

    so true, a jedi, that is a good one.

  362. Francesca Gilimtin says


  363. giraldi perkasa says


  364. Tony Dalphonso says

    I do this all the time by way my hand as I walk thru the doors & I'm not ashamed that I do it.

  365. Eleanor Flannery says

    So funny!

  366. Taymoor Tahir says

    I KNW RIGHT !!! =D 

  367. Taymoor Tahir says

    I KNW RIGHT !!! =D

  368. Bishnu Agasti says

    hello mam a friendship. i am indian . call me

  369. Kerry bowers says

    Hi beautiful how was ur day

  370. Kerry bowers says

    how do i put my photo on here i am new here

  371. Mutiu Lamidi says

    A birthday is just the first day
    of another 365-day journey
    around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
    My prayer is ''may the best of
    your past be
    the worst of your future.''
    Happy birthday to my friends here

  372. Devo Bideau says

    Now I'm going to be trying to part women's butt cheeks with my mind.

  373. prince zeeshan shan says


  374. tayyab ali hashmi says

    hi have nice look can we make good friend

  375. Manuel Da Cunha Goncalves says

    i've can open with jedi we can also close with jedi there is always an solution for every problem because it's human who creats the problem

  376. Michele Colvard says

    Cute Amanda!

  377. Rodolfo Bala says


  378. raghav jolly says

    mee to when i open the door i feel like obione kenobie

  379. sahil badyal says


  380. abraham rivas says


  381. Renato Silva Abranches says

    My side is power luk………….side black ……side white……my side …..have force is coming….

  382. Sagar Shrivastav says


  383. Karl Werthers says

    derp derp derp

  384. Tim Mulenga says

    Loool so true

  385. Robert Allsbrook says

    I love this. I'll have to keep it in mind at work 😛

  386. Jose Uribe says


  387. Aadit Gahlaut says

    True xd

  388. Ammar Farid says


  389. Amine Zerrouki says

    +1 my comments make me feel like a JEDI.

  390. Suman kumar says


  391. Albert Peace says

    Hahaha, very true 😀

  392. elisha sunkari says

    wt do u mean by jedi..

  393. AMINE ABDU says


  394. Ashath Mohd Sultan says

    yeah so true 🙂

  395. kiki rox says


  396. Danny Alvens says

    And computers make me feel like an idiot

  397. Monica Garrett says

    Me too

  398. scott selleck says

    Auto doors make me paranoid
    I rush through them just in case they slam into me
    mod cons are good but there function is out of our control
    do you learn to trust new things
     or worry about theyre capabilities and the unknown if  they do malfunction ,what would the outcome be

  399. kaweesi Ernest says

    wat is the meaning of jedi

  400. Lacerant Plainer says

    The force is weak in this one….

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