1. Todd Faucett says

    HA! 🙂

  2. Ray Toombs says

    This is great +Cliff Wade is this how you get the women to flock to you

  3. Derek Wright says

    I might take my wife there for our anniversary meal tonight 4th July

  4. Mike Peck says

    I like it!

  5. Derek Wright says

    Second thoughts maybe that's not a good idea as I want to stay with her

  6. John Maguire says

    Just in time to make fireworks happen for the 4th of July!  Okay, okay, not a Canadian holiday but the timing was right :p

  7. Daniel Koeker says

    iLike it.


  8. Grant Lewis says

    The McD's dollar burgers are forgivable
    The iPhone candlelight…not so much. :-

  9. Jim McCloskey says

    And here, I was going to say the McD's was unforgivable. That's what I get for eating organic, I suppose.

  10. Michael Humbles says

    That's a $600 piece of electronic equipment…

  11. David Schiffman says

    I'm on for this… LOL

  12. Vaibhav Yadav says


  13. Kae Kerry says

    What Michael said…

  14. Amanda Blain says

    Who actually pays $600 for their Iphone? Lets be honest here folks 😛 Am i right +Johnny Roquemore ?? 🙂

  15. jajajajaja muy buena pick 😀

  16. Johnny Roquemore says

    +Amanda Blain, I have no idea.

    Also, +Michael Humbles, its a $183 piece of equipment. Brand new. 

  17. Johnny Roquemore says

    +Ronnie Boadi would pay $600 for an iPhone no problem Im sure. 

  18. Ronnie Boadi says

    I'd pay double that. Seriously have you seen the apple on the back?

  19. Grant Lewis says

    +Jim McCloskey That's kind of my point, if you can afford a $600 phone but your cheap @$$ can't even get a decent meal, welll….

  20. Johnny Roquemore says


  21. Amanda Blain says

    LOL at this thread #boycottapple  

  22. Johnny Roquemore says

    who are these people.


  23. marcus thornton says

    $600? It's expensive.

  24. zaved masud says

    ha ha ha ha ha…!

  25. Marcel Becker says

    Well for 600€ i would buy me a new PC with an 6-Core CPU and a GTX 570 or something, but not an iPhone!


  26. Rohit kakria says

    Candle light smoke free hhhahahhaha.. what an idea

  27. Xatolos Wired says

    Shouldn't have spent all your money on a phone


  28. Yheferson Mendez says


  29. Ronnie Boadi says

    Woah +Johnny Roquemore you can use them to play music just not so sure about the phone bit, they suck at that.

  30. Ronnie Boadi says

    ^ which is handy on a date

  31. Jason Fournier says

    That's one expensive candle!

  32. Lamar Bordelon says

    You should also include some '90 Chateau Big Gulp.

  33. Mohammad Altearawy says

    Its agreat idea

  34. Bruce Williams says

    Even better if it's 2 chicken burgers for a dollar. McDonalds is changing it menu to more chicken and less beef. I recall an old lady saying "where's the beef?"

  35. Drew Jones says


  36. donald hakala says

    Apples idea of romance?… I have an Android.

  37. Nelta Jenkins says

    first date (:

  38. David Hettinger says

    how does an iphone equate to economic

  39. David Hettinger says

    tealights are like 25 cents

  40. Ryan Zuleger says

    How is this "economy" with an expensive smartphone involved?

  41. Michael D. says

    Romance by USA

  42. Jay Soriano says

    We are now living in a world where it is more important to get a good smartphone than fill our stomachs with food…

  43. Cristian Ortiz says

    Because an iphone is cheaper than a candle.

  44. Quennie Teves says


  45. Amanda Blain says

    again… lets be honest here folks… how many under 20 have an iphone.. and how many have candles.. 🙂 

  46. Ljupka Ivanovska says

    Of  course

  47. Kendal Lewis says

    +Cristian Ortiz , The IPhone is why they can't do better then the burgers.  Apple will suck away your money every time.  The candle app probably cost them something too.

  48. Jim McCloskey says

    I'm not under 20, so I can't answer.

  49. Aree Meerr Theodore says

    Like…… It

  50. Juan Carlos says

    sell ur iphone..then you can have real candlelight dinner

  51. ratul tanti says

    Ya me too….!

  52. Sue Jordan says

    I'm not under 20… so i can't answer either!!

  53. Amanda Graeser says

    cool not very romantic though

  54. Sue Jordan says

    Lol… l know!!!

  55. Mason Soy says

    i hate burger king

  56. Madison Alexius says


  57. vinod kumar says

    Wish every girl was ok with this kinda romantic dinner

  58. Pristine Angie says

    Making it through tough times with the person you love is THE most romantic thing. Who cares about food, their politics, and creature comforts?

  59. Madison Alexius says

    i am

  60. Sue Jordan says

    I'm not a fan…..

  61. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    Triple ew

  62. Mohammad Azam Nawaz says

    hahahahahaha lol

  63. kat brown says

    wow that resurant is not very fancy

  64. Berlin Friswell says

    Haha. Gold

  65. Madison Alexius says

    it would be messed up if that was your date dinner

  66. Madison Alexius says

    were is the desert menue

  67. Zomg Abby says

    I think this is sweet. It's better then nothing. 😀 lol

  68. Madison Alexius says

    true zomg abby so true zomg abby i added u

  69. Natasha Popova says


  70. Madison Alexius says

    i would do that

  71. samuel figueroa says

    minus the iphone they are ruining our economy

  72. Madison Alexius says

    no they r making it weird

  73. Vitali Samurov says


  74. kat brown says

    its making everyone fat! lol jk it does though

  75. Madison Alexius says


  76. Lance Cozad says

    Alright! How many guys out there are resisting the urge to ask her if she would consider this very dinner as a suitable "friend dinner" (ahem?) ;P

  77. Nicoletta Degli Innocenti says

    A real candle is cheaper… isn't it?

  78. Rhianna Benson says

    Oh gosh, if a guy did that on a date, I'd laugh, then punch him… Lol…

  79. Preveen Rodrigo says

    Didn't realize you had to spend so much money for an iPhone that you had to beggar yourself to this extent on the dating front. Probably have to pay for the app too.

  80. Rizky Adidharma says

    If they hadn't buy an iPhone, they will get stunning candle light dinner

  81. Ichson Tanamy says
  82. Madison Alexius says


  83. Eric Quach says

    candle could've been patented. sue apple. #boycottapple

  84. John Sutton says

    Actual candles would be cheaper than the iPhone… ;D

  85. danny lucero says

    facebook sucks…lik u

  86. June Fazio says


  87. danny lucero says

    i think everyone may be donr hearing your crap,….

  88. Madison Alexius says


  89. Andi Kravljaca says

    Here's to epic McDonalds first dates. I had one. And it rocked.

  90. Merianne Jackson says

    Ha! No thanks.

  91. Madison Alexius says


  92. Abhishek Majumdar says

    Well danny that depends upon the crap and it ids sad rather than crap.

  93. Madison Alexius says

    waist of food ik who can eat it MY DOG

  94. Rashed Turki says

    Hi Amanda the New Tech. It's good when We Use It in Wright Way, but the Mistake of it Take of the Human Feeling.

  95. Hitankar Ray says

    Not economical if using iPhone

  96. Madison Alexius says


  97. Cordell Hendricks says

    Iphones = $1 hamburgers for 3 to 5 years!

  98. Bea von Eichstorff says


  99. Roxie Harlin says

    Awwwww! That's so sad! They can't afford a real dinner at a restaurant, and probably can't even afford a candle! That's so touching!

  100. Joanna Calderon says

    hahahahahahahahahaha omg LMAO i died

  101. Madison Alexius says


  102. Kae Kerry says

    +Amanda Blain everyone who has a subsidized phone or prepaid plan. 

  103. Kandi Lafferty says

    LOL. x3

  104. Tony Schodel says

    Oh my god…no matter how broke you are there is more things you could do than that..epic fail…where is the -1button

  105. Naomi Archer says

    XD + Ronnie Boadi….have you seen the apple on the back???? XD priceless.

  106. mehdi amiry says


  107. Nangia Narendra says

    geeky idea–love still shows—

  108. Rich White says

    I would honestly be ashamed to let anybody know that I actually own an apple product.

  109. Saruji San says

    So…did nobody notice the $849 piece of electronics in the middle?  American problems, please…  Admit it, this isn't economy version, its what we love, a little something called a greasy piece of cardboard fat, mmm mmm good!

  110. Nomeneta Saili says

    Except the iphone will increase your bill by quite a bit

  111. Juan Carlos says

    +Saruji San i noticed ..read previous comments

  112. Mason Soy says

    oh my gosh now im in the mood for mcdonalds

  113. Ted Cary says

    Lol $800 candle….. economy….. right

  114. Tiyaga Raj says

    new version

  115. Faiza Kamili says


  116. Millie Mabbutt says

    Cool entry

  117. Chris Fox says

    Swap the burgers for a pipe and you have Meditation, Economy version 🙂

  118. Nabeel Shaikh says


  119. mukesh kumawat says

    cool and nice

  120. Ethan Wufel says

    hi I'm new

  121. zia gohar says


  122. Madison Alexius says


  123. Todd Poulton says

    Hmmm, two greasy burgers that will ensure neither of us is at the top of "our game" $2.00; virtual candle APP lite $0.00, phone to insure everyone I don't want to talk to can contact me 24/7/365 $199 plus, wait, how much do I pay each month to talk to those assholes? F U U U U ( ( ( ( ( ( (# # # # # # #!!!! I don't even like these people. Why do I have to have a phone on me? I get calls from companies I hate wanting me to buy their garbage. People call when I'm trying to work out and then when I tell them I'll call them back they call me an asshole for not wanting to talk to them at that moment. People wake me up by calling early when they know I'm a late sleeper. Damn, I'm my phone's prison bitch! To hell with this, I'm going camping and I'm leaving my phone at home. This is bullsh………. Wait a sec, I'll be right back, the phone is ringing, I gotta get this.

  124. Daniel farrand says

    Omg romance truely is dead

  125. Vicky Chaurasia says

    bt with whom

  126. Chris Conger says

    Can't afford good food but have no problem paying for monthly service on my multi-hundred dollar device. Sounds about right.

  127. Rakesh Kokal says

    can u joint with me for dinear

  128. Rob Viking says

    For the price of 2 burgers you can make a very nice meal at home…..and…..your closer to the bed if you can close the deal.

  129. leo oberoi says

    this is the best way to save money and also to be practical and right way to stop wastage

  130. Jordan Gill says

    I would so do that when the day I go on a date with someone, just to see the look on there Face!

  131. Sava? Cilve says

    iphone is more expensive than dinner though 🙂

  132. Naved Khan says

    dont try it if u dont want break up

  133. Bao Long Thai says

    replace an Iphone with an image only.

  134. Ding Qiang says

    good idea

  135. ronnie sabaldan says

    Now iPhone is talking; anyone from its nemesis, Samsung and the likes?

  136. TU NGUYEN VAN says

    like you!

  137. Todd Poulton says

    FYI, reading this on my iPad. iPhone sitting next to me. MacBook 12 feet away. I got tired of windows crashing and made the move. Haven't looked back. You like droid better? Good for you. I'm sticking with my apples.

  138. Scott Seltzer says

    Cute 🙂

  139. Giggle Tasha says

    Haha nice

  140. Sharon Gordon says

    Friday Nite by Satellite…baby I love you..(the lyrics from a song)
    love the bath + bubbles

  141. Troy Hankerson says

    So True!

  142. ????????????? ?????? says

    can i blow it off??? huh can i can i??!!!

  143. ian brown says

    Seems like the perfect night in lol!!!

  144. karan kakkar says

    Hello friends

  145. Andrew Te Aotonga says

    That's the least
    romantic thing I've seen. That iPhone kills the mood instantly.

  146. Mithil Makwana says


  147. Talia Shakur says


  148. Harish Tiwari says

    vary nice

  149. manjul singh says

    very unromantic

  150. Jonard Gregorio says

    wow thats nice..:D

  151. James Finnigan says

    What is that iOS app called?

  152. Faisal Maroof says

    You don't need to burn the house after today ! 😀

  153. Sohaib Mustafa says

    Probably the most expensive candle I've seen. 🙂

  154. Hassan Farousi says


  155. Jayan Welivitigoda says

    is this romantic?

  156. Valerie Llanes says

    and romantic…

  157. Faisal Maroof says

    Make sure your battery is full ,I wonder what will happen when everything is warm and you are ready for kissing suddenly you hear your phone teet teet your battery is empaty!

  158. annie wroe says

    that is adorable….. and slightly sad.. lol its nice

  159. Eimantas Vai?i?nas says

    So much for economy with $500 "candle".

  160. John Barnes says

    lmao – you really know your relationship is in trouble when …. 

  161. Harish Tiwari says


  162. Ismet Sermet says

    :=))) nice

  163. Swapnil Khule says


  164. Gaet Martel says

    Economy version? With the price of the phone, you could pay for a hell of a dinner!

  165. Larry Henderson says

    delivered or pick-up?

  166. beanca rollamas says

    hahah ! nice one dude !

  167. Rizky Adidharma says

    Typical Apple fanboy, buy a must have $600 for launcher apps phone, cant afford basic daily needs. #GENIUS

  168. Maria Urda says


  169. Tamryn Trott says


  170. Aria Jane says

    haha i wud hate my bf for tht but love it at the same time:)

  171. Hardika Dikha says


  172. zaina tareq says

    SoO N!CE

  173. rottens dhudi says


  174. Dansoy G. Rosario says

    WOW… how romantic!!!

  175. Zeynab Idris says


  176. pankaj kumar yadav says

    its really tomuch romantic

  177. Prasanth Vasudevan says

    great idea, Impress your date 😉

  178. faQyh Delfy says

    wow ..

  179. Roberto Giunta says

    You can have that date much much cheaper… #boycottapple  

  180. Andrea Bhatti says


  181. karan sharma says


  182. sam preston says


  183. Susan Brooks says

    the shape of it makes me lol

  184. Kh? Vy ?? Nguy?n says

    very creative 🙂

  185. Andrea Bhatti says

    At least the Iphone is busier then me on a Friday night lol



  187. Ja'nia Johnson says

    thats is lame

  188. sexii babe says

    wtf is dis lolz

  189. Christian Dela Cruz says


  190. john hingley says

    Owning an Iphone is why they can only afford Mac-eez

  191. Aaliyah Henderson says

    nun better den a cheap burger and a candle that will soon go dead becuz of its battery….priceless

  192. Chaudhary Balram says

    unique facility…

  193. Davood Tg says

    hi. i miss you

  194. Stefano Salamony says

    Cheap but cool idea!

  195. Juan Carmona says

    If they didnt spend $600 phone they would have went to a nice restaurant with real candles!!

  196. Rakesh Hegde says

    How can this be an economy version? iPhone costs more than candles.. unless it's stolen. 

  197. Jared Byers says

    This #boycottapple thing is funny! Like the people who are for it were going to buy Apple anyways, and it's not going to effect Apple fans. If anything, it will make them buy more! LOL!!!

  198. Blog All says


  199. Ratnakar Pawar says

    Considering you've gone broke after buying n iPhone :d

  200. A-Chau Caban says

    Haha! At least it's still alive 🙂

  201. Makenzero Banberan says


  202. azhagu saravana says

    Hi Amanda

  203. Aytaç Vodinal? says

    Uuups 🙂

  204. J. Zachary Pike says

    Simulating a $5 candle on a $500 electronic device is the economy version?

  205. Daniel Stover says


  206. Mashal Khan says

    i would say candle would be a 100 times(or more) cheaper version,.

  207. Dbright Umesi says


  208. Dbright Umesi says


  209. Dbright Umesi says


  210. Dbright Umesi says


  211. Pattadon Sukkapan says

    No money for a  candle but the iPhone LOL

  212. shakalah higgs says

    to funny

  213. Rob Wood says

    Lol yeah, $1200 phone isn't that budget 😉 #boycottapple

  214. Adel El Kenawy says


  215. Joshua Norton says

    Taking my girlfriend to dinner their

  216. Claudia Hughes says

    That's really crap it wastes your battery

  217. Claudia Hughes says

    And like, totally gay unless u don't have no more money to pay for a candle…

  218. ali imron says


  219. Cliff Hamilton says

    You know, at first I thought it was funny as hell, now it just angers me.  All within the period of 3 mins haha.

  220. Tracee Watson says

    If +Gavin Spurgeon could get away with it, this would be his ideal romantic meal… 😛

  221. Alton Griese says

    Similar quality comparison, that phone and that meal.

  222. Mostafa Danger says


  223. Adamu Barde says

    wonderful iphone is even beyond dat

  224. Milind Nikam says

    Its iPhone 5


    that cool

  226. Avik Mitra says

    Definitely a high cost version. Candles cost lesser!!

  227. Mohit Saxena says

    I like your Idea

  228. Ryan Rodgers says

    LOL. Great Post girl.

  229. tala heib says


  230. Lucinda Lulu de bruin says

    iPhOne's @re jUst the BEST!

  231. Juan Carlos says

    $500, $600, $1200..cmon..made up ur mind will you..

  232. Enrique Jimenez says

    Very cool! Funny we enjoy a good laugh now and then. Than you.

  233. Mohammad Noman says


  234. Swachhal G says

    I did this with my nokia's 'Winter Candle' app, it was pretty cool.

  235. saint Pang says

    A good idea!

  236. Khaleeda ahmad nazeri says

    cool 😀

  237. christine white says


  238. ham safar says


  239. Cesar Hernandez says

    That's still too expensive! College student version consists of two (2) ramen noodles and a jail broken iPhone!

  240. Saiky XO says

    lol really?

  241. Kevin Cafin says

    Lol, nice

  242. Juan Prieto says

    The whole reason is that Iphone broke the individual who bought it that is why they could only afford Mc'Ds to go out.

  243. Andrew Njoroge says

    Lol, genius

  244. Kenneth Degel says

    Isn't that like a $400+ phone? how is this economy version?

  245. rob sheny says

    Ahhh a true iphone die hard fan

  246. Danielle Cheetham says


  247. Koko KERYAN says

    Iphone with a Candle & Romantic Dinner, $600 etc… Can I have a bottle of a red wine??? Thank you very much…lol

  248. Lee Gresham says

    Oh…I thought iPhone had implants

  249. Carmelo Gonzalez says

    Screw apple & micky-deez. Two companies selling two different types of poison…

  250. Philippe Antoine says

    Well…only the price of the phone is already outrageous. Pretty soon the full relationship will take place in a phone. It's the end of the world and you know it….

  251. chieunam thuongquan says

    Hi!how are you?

  252. Buraimoh Tosin says


  253. Rhianna Benson says

    @danny lucero that's a little harsh, don't you think?

  254. Rhianna Benson says

    +Ethan Wufel Welcome!! 🙂

  255. Rinal Purba says


  256. Ton van der Liet says

    Hm, what about a real candle and some real food? Going to be cheaper in the long run 🙂

  257. Vincent A. Barbato says


  258. matricia kandeh says


  259. Andrey Cherneha says

    that phone is actually pretty expensive over 2 yrs contract. clam shell phone would be more believable

  260. Patrick Dubois says

    my android has a fireplace.  booyah!

  261. Brian Klippel says

    Finally, a practical use for an iPhone.

  262. muhammed çelik says

    very nice

  263. Javier Halil Kairos says

    pay extra for that cheese

  264. Ahmad Hadi says

    Ich mag sich

  265. Martin G Mendez says

    that's just to show who hard is to paid on a big fancy restaurant

  266. Emmy Hoover says


  267. noel socarras caballero says

    de donde sacaron a ese caramelo, perdón
     se me fue a esa princesa

  268. Paul Atkins says

    It's the thought that counts. And they chose the chicken, much healthier. Direct quote from the misses, why have I spent all that money over the years?

  269. Ted Cary says

    They see my iPhone…. They hatin…. Watching my McDonalds thinkin I'm cheap and flirty gonna see me cheap and flirty gonna see me cheap and flirty

  270. Tania Marem says

    Isn't it great? Ye I think so. Haha

  271. Andrew Winters says

    I bet Android has a better version of that app.

  272. Amir Raza says

    Hi my dear… U r great female why did i tell because u carefully for us.

  273. Ruben Orozco says

    Solo faltan los refrescos en lata

  274. Jesus Acosta says

    Jajajajajaja Buena (Y)

  275. Rolf Daryl Tio says

    he can afford an iphone.

  276. Ljupka Ivanovska says


  277. manan palan says

    ROFL 😀

  278. Marco Kwan says


  279. Andrew Winters says

    +Marco Kwan – What, you don't get it?

  280. Mehdi Mess says

    good idea !! <3 it

  281. Carlos Lopez says

    que buena idea

  282. Cody Varns says

    Sell the phone and go out for a real dinner.

  283. L Sanchez says

    That's is so romantic it's disturbing! LMAO

  284. hank suszko says

    I would snap up I-phone in an instant if I wasn't locked into 3yr contract!!

  285. Cella Mlo says

    ha ha love this!

  286. Ann Fauzia says

    I love iPhone lol

  287. Novri Yanto says


  288. Nadia Chitolie says


  289. Francesca Oliveira says


  290. Gurjeet Singh Saroa says

    reshion effect

  291. Jack Fitzgerald says

    Ruined by the Cuisine…. Siri can be great company… 

  292. Joaquin Huamán Rinza says

    Estupenda. maravillosa

  293. DharmendraSingh jadon says

    dinner in presence of iphone,superb idea.

  294. Olivia Christensen says

    McDonald's…. 😀

  295. Millie Mabbutt says


  296. haley hurley says


  297. Smith Green says

    Hi; Mandy  thanks  for your  tips and  hints

  298. Faryshta Mextly says

    The fuck? A candle is cheaper than a cellphone.

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